White Supremacists In Our Midsts

Photo by John Sugg (Creative Loafing News & Views)

Photo by John Sugg (Creative Loafing News & Views)

Don’t be surprised by the most recent murder by a white supremacist and don’t be surprised by more to come. With hundreds of “paramilitary” patriot militias in the mountains of Montana, Texas, Michigan, Oregon, and Kentucky I’m actually quite shocked that they didn’t begin killing more people in public places earlier.

Some people may say that white supremacists are red in the face with anger at the election of Barack Obama, the first African American president in US history. The election has ruffled a lot of feathers and it’s been like a nightmare for these racists to have a man of color as the country’s Commander-in-chief. This psychoses of hate led James Von Brunn to the killing spree on Wednesday at the Holocaust Museum. I can’t even imagine how many more crimes that we don’t hear about have been committed by these “misguided Americans” in recent months.

The killing of Dr. Tiller and the victims at the Holocaust museum are acts of terrorism, not just hate — they serve as messages intended to incite fear in people. Here is an interesting statement by the Anti-Defamation League on how these white supremacist groups think:

If militia groups were not, in fact, involved with the Oklahoma City bombing, they have nevertheless embroiled themselves since 1994 in a variety of other bombing plots, conspiracies and serious violations of law. Their extreme anti-government ideology, along with their elaborate conspiracy theories and fascination with weaponry and paramilitary organization, lead many members of militia groups to act out in ways that justify the concerns expressed about them by public officials, law enforcement and the general public.

There are over 926 active hate groups operating in the U.S. according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and you wouldn’t believe which state has the most hate groups – nope, not Alabama or Mississippi – it’s actually California with 84 organizations. Following the Golden State is Texas with 66, Florida with 56, and 38 in Tennessee. States with zero hate groups: Alaska and Hawaii.

Americans should be alarmed at the fact that these hate groups are well armed and organized. According to the Anti-Defamation League:

Multiple members of the following groups have been arrested and convicted, usually on weapons, explosives, or conspiracy charges: Oklahoma Constitutional Militia, Georgia Republic Militia, Arizona Viper Militia, Washington State Militia, West Virginia Mountaineer Militia, Twin Cities Free Militia, North American Militia, San Joaquin County Militia.

The SPLC says that these groups don’t operate by using facts, but by mere conspiracy ideology. Think about it, the only history that has ever existed for these folks is Nazi Germany and their only hero: Adolph Hitler. I feel sorry for the children who have to grow up in that sort of environment.

The state and federal government should be putting much more resources at not just monitoring these hate groups, but actually at locating and cracking down the compounds that they operate in. If we were able to track down Saddam Hussein in the deserts of the Middle East, there is no excuse why the FBI, local police and sheriff’s departments haven’t yet arrested those bald-headed, wacky guys who dress in camouflaged clothes 24/7 and who also enjoy flexing their swastika-tattooed-covered arms as they carry their 12-pack of Natural Light beer to their 4×4 trucks, which are also by the way, camouflaged. I mean, talk about “suspicious people.” All you got to do at that point is follow their trucks and they will certainly lead you to a KKK meeting. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure this out, come on!

OK, so maybe I’m stereotyping a bit. Most of the members of these hate groups tend to be people who look just like everyday Americans such as Joe the Plumber or Rush Limbaugh. They surf the Internet like everyone else and enjoy writing for the Free Republic. Somebody please tell the FBI that if they need clues to potential white supremacist assassins that’s the website to start at.

There is going to be lots of talk about hate groups in America and extremist Christian organizations in the next few weeks or months after what happened this week in Washington, D.C. Let’s hope that these killing sprees will help shift the focus of our current “war on terror,” which has been mostly aimed at innocent Muslims, and instead use our “intelligence” to put behind bars the real terrorists in our midsts before they hurt someone else.



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