Al Franken Declared Minnesota’s Senate Seat Winner

Al Franken

Al Franken

By Dolores M. Bernal, NEWS JUNKIE POST

Al Franken can begin packing his bags for Washington, D.C. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today that the former comedian that run for the U.S. Senate last November is indeed, the election’s winner.

The election results were tied up in the state courts for seven months after Franken’s opponent Republican Norm Coleman filed lawsuits to do recounts of the votes due to how close the race was. Coleman conceded and called Franken to congratulate him.

Some 2.4 million ballots were casted by Minnesotans, but the court decided that Franken was winner by a mere 312 votes.

With Franken heading to the capital, the U.S. Senate will now be controlled by Democrats by 60 votes, enough to break a Republican filibuster.

Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada) issued a statement saying that he was looking forward to having Franken serve his term. Reid also asked Minnesota’s governor, Tim Pawlenty, to respect the voters and certify the results.

“I once again encourage Gov. Pawlenty to respect the votes of his constituents and the decisions of his state’s highest court. He should put politics aside, follow his state’s laws and finally sign the certificate that will bring this episode to an end,” Reid said.

Pawlenty, a Republican, says that he will certify the election results if ordered by the court.

TV news coverage of Pawlenty saying he will certify the results


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