Arrest Warrant Issued For Honduran President Manuel Zelaya

Honduras' Interim Leader Roberto Micheletti

Honduras' Interim Leader Roberto Micheletti

By Dolores M. Bernal, NEWS JUNKIE POST

The new government in Honduras led by Roberto Micheletti has issued an arrest warrant against President Manuel Zelaya while the Central American country remains under high alert imposing and extending Martial Law indefinitely.

On Tuesday, Honduras’ Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi told reporters at a press conference that his office had issued an arrest warrant against Zelaya and that “the moment he sets foot in the country” he will be arrested. Authorities allege that Zelaya faces 18 charges against him, including treason, abuse of authority, and corruption. Rubi says that he has notified the Interpol about Zelaya’s warrant.

“The proceedings have been legal and all of the appropriate steps have been taken,” Rubi said.

Zelaya plans to arrive back to Honduras on Thursday. The deposed president will be accompanied by international public officials, including the famed Argentinian politician Cristina Kirchner. But Zelaya’s company won’t stop the authorities from arresting him, according to Rubi.

Meanwhile, Hondurans supporting the new government took to the streets Tuesday demanding that the International community looks at the “truth” and leaves Micheletti and their country alone.

People interviewed by La Prensa, told reporters that they want “dignity and respect from the world” and to let them “live in peace.” Pro-Micheletti protesters held banners that read, “Proud to live in a country with a true democracy,” and “Zelaya go away.”

But the Honduran government has, for the moment, lost many friends and the very respect it is demanding from the world. All of the countries in Central America, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico have suspended trade with Honduras. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, said that it’s time to send an “ultimatum” to Micheletti’s government and has threatened to suspend oil exports to Honduras.

Martial Law To Airport Activity

Since Honduran president Manuel Zelaya suffered a coup d’etat last Sunday, the new government has imposed very strict laws restricting how Hondurans’ can go about their day.

Even flights going in and out of Honduras must abide by the government’s Martial Law. No plane can land or take off before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m. and all red-eye flights have been suspended. Airlines such as Continental Airlines, Spirit, and Taca have also being impacted.

“These orders don’t allow for any exceptions and we must abide to what our authorities dictate,” said Iveth Zelaya, an international airport spokesperson told La Prensa de Honduras.

Air Force and border patrol units are stationed in and around the international airport. The “extra” security is needed to calm people who are nervous about what is going on the country, said Iveth Zelaya. Even at bus terminals, Hondurans have had to suspend trips that do not fall within the allowed period of time set by the government.

TV news coverage of the Honduran crisis from 6/30/09


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    July 3, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Fine, bring him back in, they never should have given the toss out to begin with, fire him? deport him? No. Bring him in, bus him to the lawful place where he would be impeach and impeach him. Let the OAS see how its done.

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