North Korea Launches Four Missiles On Eve Of Fourth Of July


By Dolores M. Bernal, NEWS JUNKIE POST

North Korea took the world by surprise on Saturday morning after it launched four new test missiles into the Sea of Japan.

The reports came from South Korean military sources that confirmed that the Scud-type missiles were launched by its communist neighbor around 8 a.m. The missiles are considered dangerous and can reach distances of up to 312 miles.

North Korea announced last month that it would test a long-range missile in early July, around the 4th of July near Hawaii. The US and allied forces in Asia and near Hawaii mobilized to prepare for the threat and intercept the missile. The missiles the communist country launched Saturday didn’t reach Hawaii, but experts believe that North Korea may be taunting those countries that have been critical of its nuclear program.

“Thursday’s missile tests were apparently made as part of a military drill but today’s launches, which came on the eve of the US Independence Day, are believed to be aimed at political purposes,” an official told the South Korean newspaper, Yonhap.

North Korea’s threat that it would launch a long-range missile near Hawaii came after South Korea said that it would join the United Nation’s Proliferation Security Initiative, which gives member nations the power to search ships suspected of carrying nuclear weaponry or materials. North Korea has argued that such searches violate its freedom and sovereignty.

According to Kyodo News, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura said in a statement that North Korea’s missile launches are “a serious act of provocation against the security of neighboring countries, including Japan, and is against the resolution of the UN Security Council.”

The Korea Herald is reporting that there is speculation that North Korea may be launching more missiles in the next few days.

The governments of South Korea, Japan, and the United States are monitoring all developments.


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