North Korea Suspected of Cyber Attacks On US Government Sites


By Gilbert Mercier. NEWS JUNKIE POST

Latest update on 7/8/2009 @5:00PM (US/PST). The Obama administration commented on the cyber attacks with two statements which were slightly in contradiction of one another.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Amy Kudna stated: “ We see attacks on Federal networks every single day, and measures in place have minimized the impact to Federal websites.”

White House Spokesman Nick Shapiro was a bit more candid, he stated: ” These constant attacks only underscore the importance of cyber security. This is a major priority for the President.”


South Korean officials are suspecting North Korea of having launched various cyber attacks on web sites in the US and South Korea according to NSA’s authorities in South Korea.

The allegations come after many government sites, both in South Korea and the US were down starting during July 4th’s weekend. In the US, the security breach lasted for 3 days affecting the sites of the White House, the New-York Stock Exchange, the Treasury Department and the Ministry of Transport.

Beside official websites, some commercial websites were also affected by the attacks, notably the one of the Washington Post.

This comes after the revelation, a few months ago, of security breaches in regard to the computer systems running the US power grid. The Obama administration has nominated a “Cyber Czar” to oversee cyber attacks of such nature.

The Obama administration has not commented on the matter yet.

This incident should be  a reminder of how exposed our computer systems are from various security threats, even the ones coming from fairly low tech countries such as North Korea.


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