Secretary Clinton Calls Iran’s & North Korea’s Nuclear Pursuits, “Futile”


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was on NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday talking about the global threat that nuclear weapons pose and about the “futile” efforts by Iran and North Korea to move ahead with their own nuclear programs. She also talked about Iran’s rights and responsibilities on the matter.

During the interview, Clinton seemed to play the role of “Secretary of the World,” referring constantly to the wishes of the “international community” more so that just US interest. Her answers to questions about nuclear weapon programs in Iran and North Korea also alluded to the efforts and aims by the world community to prevent further nuclear weaponry from being developed by the governments of the two hostile nations.

“We believe as a matter of policy that is unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons,” Clinton told Meet The Press host David Gregory. “The G8 came out with a very strong statement…so we are united in our continuing commitment to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

Clearly referring to North Korea’s own nuclear program agenda and its recent erratic behavior, Clinton said that:

“We want to send a message to whomever is making these decisions that if you’re pursuing nuclear weapons for the purpose of intimidating, of projecting more power, we’re not going to let that happen. We’re going to do anything to prevent you from getting any nuclear weapons. Your pursuit is futile.”

Clinton also stated that the solution right now to address Iran’s nuclear threats were to continue pursuing diplomacy and try to engage Iran at the table. Clinton talked about letting Iran know that it is “in their best interest to go along with the consensus of the international community, which very clearly says, you have rights and responsibilities.”

The Secretary of State went on to remind Iran what those rights and responsibilities were:

“You have a right to pursue the peaceful of civil nuclear power. You do not have a right to obtain a nuclear weapon. You do not have the right to obtain the full enrichment and reprocessing cycle under your control.”

On the question of what is Israel’s role if it feels a direct and imminent threat by Iran, which could lead to an attack, Mrs. Clinton encouraged “intensive diplomacy” as an alternative to picking up arms and to prevent both countries from going at it.


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