A Look Into President Obama’s Correspondence


The White House’s blog today is featuring a video from its series, “Inside The White House” about the daily correspondence that President Barack Obama gets from Americans like you.

According to the video, the president takes time to read only ten letters a day out of the 65,000 paper letters mailed to him every week. Ten letters is quite extraordinary, considering the busy schedule, the briefings, the public appearances and all the things that a president has to do everyday.

Here is a snippet from the blog entry:

Tens of thousands of letters, faxes, and emails from Americans across the country arrive each day at my office, the Office of Presidential Correspondence. We do our best to reply to these in a timely fashion, and a handful—just ten a day—are chosen for President Obama to personally read and respond to.

We’ve heard president Obama talk at his town halls about the letters that he gets everyday. He’s mentioned that he gets an average of three letters a day from Americans advocating for health care reform and he talks more about that in the video.

“This letters help keep me in touch with what’s going in our country more than anything else,” says Obama as the video begins.

Here is the video:


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