Human Rights Watch Report: Killing Of 11 Palestinian Civilians Waving White Flags In Gaza

3372653098_a7a8d9d6c2Today, the organization Human Rights Watch ( HRW) released a new report containing serious allegations that during Israel’s recent Gaza offensive, Israeli soldiers unlawfully shot and killed eleven Palestinian civilians, including five women and four children.

According to HRW’s report, the civilians were in a group waving white flags to convey their civilian status. Human Rights Watch is urging the Israeli military to conduct a thorough & credible investigation into these deaths.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) declined repeated HRW requests for a meeting to discuss the case.

Joe Stork, the Deputy Middle-East director at HRW, said:”The Israeli military is stonewalling in the face of evidence that its soldiers killed civilians waving white flags in areas it controlled and where there were no Palestinian fighters. These cases need thorough, independent investigations.”

The 11 civilians killed, and at least 8 wounded comprise a small fraction of the more than 1,100 Palestinian civilians & combatants killed during Operation Cast Lead. However, these deaths stand out because the civilians were waving white flags.

To read the full report from Human Rights Watch click here.


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