Key Television & Radio Towers To Burn To The Ground In Los Angeles’ Fires


Update 11:28 p.m. (Pacific) 8/30 — Fire officials expect that the fire will reach the top of Mount Wilson by the early hours of Monday.

Earlier story:

The wild fires in Los Angeles may engulf important television and radio transmission towers on Mount Wilson this evening, causing viewers that use antennas to lose 22 channels, including the ones from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and other major networks.

Firefighters that had been battling the flames from the bottom are being air lifted out of the mountain located in the Angeles National Forest.

“We are letting our viewers that use antennas know that you can go to to watch all of our coverage,” said an ABC 7 reporter preparing her viewers for the worse.

“It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when,” said Mark Savage of the Los Angeles County Fire Department told ABC 7 news.

Viewers with cable and satellite will still be able to receive signals from the networks.

Very important police and fire dispatch equipment is located at the mountain as well as a historic solar observatory.

Over 32,000 acres have been burned since the “Station Fire” started on Wednesday. The fire is only 5 percent contained.

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