San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom Gets A Boost From Bill Clinton


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s days are counted and Judgment Day is coming. There are news this morning that former President Bill Clinton has come out in support of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for the Governorship of the almost bankrupt, Golden State.

With such level of support, Newsom’s opponent, the dignified Attorney General Jerry Brown may have to do more work to get pass the Democratic primary on June 8, 2010. Brown served California as governor for two-terms from 1975 to 1983. But with the state’s problems, this legendary politician has vowed to bring back California’s golden days of surplus budgets and job growth.

But the true fight will come down to Newsom or Brown against a terminated-Terminator, Arnold. The economic crisis in the nation and the awful political gridlock in Sacramento coupled by the state’s growing deficit proved too much for the former movie star. For the Terminator fans who were disappointed with not having Arnold in the last sequel, guess what? He may need a job after the election is over next year, that means Terminator 5 may actually be good.

With the Clinton power couple in the house, Newsom can pick up lots of moderates, specially those living in counties east of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton loves coming to California for fund-raising events, so showing up for the Mayor of San Francisco will not be a problem. And, let’s not forget another power diva in Newsom’s list of friends, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Still, Newsom’s support of LGBT issues like gay marriage may come back to hunt him. Conservatives proved last November that working together they can do a lot of damage, such as passing Prop 8 (the California ban on gay marriage). Nevertheless there is LOTS of resentment in the LGBT community about having Mormons take their right to get married and if gay marriage is on the ballot again (that is very likely) the election for Governor may be a landslide for Newsom.

The Democratic primary in California is still months away, so the surprises are not over yet. A certain older woman from the U.S. Senate may also likely aim to take down Arnold. Not Barbara Boxer, but Dianne Feinstein, who coincidentally like Newsom, was mayor of San Francisco (from 1978 to 1988). That’s a possible two older, well-experienced Democratic Californians from the early days of the Reagan era, competing against a handsome, young, and popular Democrat. That’s enough to make Arnold nervous.


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