Protesters Gather Outside Insurance Companies To Call Them “Crime Scenes”


This week protesters have been gathering outside the buildings of several private health insurance companies to called them “crime scenes.” Wrapping yellow tape around the rally areas to make their point, these types of protests will continue as part of an organize effort to call for a public option.

Several of the protesters have been arrested for blocking doors at some of the country’s biggest for-profit insurance companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Cigna Insurance, and BlueCross BlueShield. The police took in six demonstrators on Monday and five more in rallies in Philadelphia on Wednesday. The actions are being organized by the group Healthcare For America Now!

Speaking to the Public News Service, one of the event organizers, Nancy Gomez, gave some frightening statistics on what is driving the movement towards healthcare reform:

One person dies every 12 minutes because they don’t have affordable, quality health care, and 64 percent of all bankruptcies are caused by medical debt…This could definitely be your next door neighbor, your brother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your nieces or nephews – it’s everyday people.”

On Tuesday, guests in Los Angeles’ NPR program, The Pat Morrison Show said that the for-profit insurance companies are spending more than $2 million a day to lobby against sweeping healthcare reform such as the public option. The insurance companies prefer non-profit co-ops over the public option. Activists with Healthcare For American Now claim the co-ops would be ineffective.


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