The Real Threat Of A Genocide Of Immigrants In America


For years CNN’s Lou Dobbs has made Latinos targets of his most heated commentaries, directing attention to the “menace” that “illegal” immigrants pose for the country and taxpayers.

Often bringing in analysts with racists views to speak about immigration as if it was plague that we must get rid of, Dobbs has filled the airwaves with fear and hatred against people from Latin American countries who have settled to live in the U.S.

But Dobbs is now facing backlash for his years of brainwashing taxpayers over the “dangers” of immigration. His rhetoric has sparked public outcry from white and colored U.S. citizens to have CNN pull the plug.

On Wednesday, dozens of Americans gathered outside of the CNN offices in New York to protest Dobbs’ ongoing campaign of hate against Latinos and their U.S. born children. The rally was organized by a new movement of Americans of Latino background who are using the Internet to raise awareness on the dangers of rhetoric like Dobbs. Rhetoric, which often leads to violence and even genocide and mass murder of people who are “different.”

Two new websites are gaining momentum and capturing attention: and

From the website: exists to advance the interests and promote the political empowerment of Latino communities with the support of our allies. Latinos are an undeniable force in the economy and culture of the United States, and our growing numbers make us an increasingly powerful voting bloc. But despite our contributions and influence, our political voice remains marginalized. Politicians get away with neglecting our interests and exploiting the differences within our communities. Media personalities scapegoat us without consequences. And while the government raids the workplaces and even homes of recent immigrants, a blind-eye is turned to exploitative business practices that endanger the health and humanity of our people. The time for change has come.


We’ve seen it many times in history and in recent years — hate breathes genocide.

It all starts with inciting fear and using lies. For the propagandist, dehumanizing “the other” is key. Once you’re convinced that “they” are not human anymore then the results start to show: Name calling, public mocking, acts of violence against “the other” are now acceptable. Finally, it’s necessary to get rid of them, you don’t want them around anymore. You want to go back to living your normal life, feeling safe. Feeling like you’ve done the work of God.

With white supremacy groups in rural and urban areas and with media programs that feed their hate, the recipe for genocide in America is there. These white supremacists are already in our government, holding positions of power — openly rejecting Latinos to the Supreme Court, calling for raids at their workplace, giving permission to men like Sheriff Joe Arpaio to enforce immigration law and arrest blindly documented and undocumented people alike. News reports indicate that gun sales skyrocketed before and after Obama was elected president. And thousands of tea-baggers were mobilized to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. last month by FOX News’ Glen Beck. The extremist right-wing is vocal and influential.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has for years shifted its focus from hate crimes against blacks to crimes against immigrants because acts of violence against Latino immigrants supersedes those against blacks. Why wonder where this hate is coming from, when all you got to do is turn on the TV or the radio and see Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other right-wing extremists using the airwaves to breathe resentment among white Americans.

The experience of Jewish people in Nazi Germany has become the story of Latinos living in the United States. The same patterns, same rhetoric, and same excuses Hitler used to turn whites against Jews is the same being used today to turn white Americans against Latinos. What awaits Latino immigrants is the “Final Solution” — the concentration camps and the gas chambers.

But could this really happen in the US?

Everyone in the world was shocked that a civil and industrialized society like Germany could in fact turn a blind eye to the killing of six million German citizens who just happen to be Jews. Germany, which gave us the first modern car. Germany, which gave us men of science like Albert Einstein. Germany, did it.

The world condemned the Hutus of Rwanda for killing one million of their own brothers and sisters in less than a month. The Hutus used machetes and guns to go around Rwanda to exterminate “cockroaches” — the Tutsies.

What lead one group of people to take up arms and kill their own president and their own neighbors in Rwanda? Two radio stations, which day in and day out referred to Tutsies as “cockroaches” and blamed them for every malady the Hutus were “victims” of.

It’s time to put a stop to Lou Dobbs. It’s time that Americans removed media personalities that spread hate on our airwaves. The time is now, later it could be too late.


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  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Ivan
    October 28, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    They should deport Dobbs to the “old-angry-white-males” station, Fox News.

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Rob Johnson
    October 29, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Why are there quotation marks around illegal in the phrase illegal immigrants?

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