Sahalis And 3rd Gate Crasher Still Free Despite Serious Crime


Many news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that a third person crashed Obama’s state dinner party last November. The gate crasher was a US citizen according to the Indian embassy and was able to sneak in through the Indian delegation that was picked up in a van from the Willard Hotel to the White House — just a couple of blocks away.

The man is being investigated by the Secret Service, which in turn is blaming the State Department for the “security breach.” The couple that has already been under fire for the same intrusion — the Sahalis — has been under investigation. But, here is the question that no one is raising: why are the Sahalis and the 3rd intruder STILL under investigation and not serving time yet? Doesn’t it seem like special treatment is being given to these wealthy wrongdoers? Oh my, really?

If the gate crashers had been black, Latino or Muslim folks from working class backgrounds, the Secret Service would had sent them to Guantanamo Bay the next day. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work that way for rich people with connections. What the Salahis and the 3rd gate crasher did was a serious crime — if these folks had had the intention, they could have easily murdered the president, Biden or Hillary Clinton. But if you have friends in high places and the money to get yourself top legal representation, you can get away with anything — even with making a total fool of the American Secret Service.

It’s been over a month since the security breach at the state dinner party and the media continues to report that the Sahalis are under “investigation,” how odd is that? I need someone to tell me just how dense is the amount of information or “intelligence” on the couple and 3rd gate crasher that the Secret Service can’t get these three convicted. I mean isn’t the crime quite obvious?

Couple knows they are not invited to the party. Couple even without an invitation gets through security check points saying they are invited. Couple gets to pose for photos with the leader of the free world and other high ranking officials. Couple later goes home laughing all the way at the fact that they pulled it off. Couple posts photos on Facebook profile to show off because they are clearly idiots. Couple gets questioned by the Secret Service. Couple knows everyone is outraged for what they did. Couple is not placed under arrest. Couple makes cute faces and denies they crashed the party. What a fair justice system we have in the US.

If the gate crashers had been poor folks, the story would be just like this:

Poor folks want to party with Obama in the White House. Poor folks don’t have an invitation. Poor folks are mistaken by the Secret Service as kitchen staff and get through the check points. Poor folks miraculously get to hang out at the party. Poor folks get a visit from the Secret Service the next day. Poor folks realize they got caught. Poor folks insists they were kitchen staff. Poor folks are placed under arrest. Poor folks are tortured for information by the CIA, FBI, NSA, TFA, SWAT and any other agency that allows someone to carry a gun. Poor folks after been waterboarded all night are placed on a boat in route to Guantanamo Bay. Poor folks are destined to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. The end.

The Sahalis and the 3rd gate crasher must be punished. No special treatment. Send them to jail now.


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