Work or Play? Two Lawmakers Skip Out on Meeting


Discouraged House Democrats are meeting to discuss health care negotiations with the Senate. But at least two members will be absent from that meeting.

As members left the House chamber for the first and last vote of the day to bring in the second session of the 111th Congress, I chatted with Representative David Wu (D-OR) about the unimportant issue of brutally long plane flights.  (I just took one last month.)

As we spoke, out walked a casually dressed Representative Gene Taylor (D- Miss).  He and Rep. Wu had plans to see WAR, the legendary long-running funk band most popular in the 1970s, at the Birchmere in Northern Virginia this evening.  Rep. Wu told me about their plans and Rep. Taylor chimed in. Taylor said he would rather go see WAR than go to a Democratic Caucus meeting “to be persuaded to vote for a bill I’m not going to support.”

Rep. Taylor is a conservative Democrat from a conservative district and a member of the Blue Dog Democrats. He was  one of 39 Democrats who voted against health care reform in November.

Rep. Wu, an Oregon liberal, is likely to support the final bill.

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi huddles her visibly frustrated Democratic colleagues in a room to hash out how to maneuver negotiations with the Senate on health care reform, Wu and Taylor, an unlikely duo, will likely be grooving to “Low Rider” and “Why Can’t We be Friends.”

For these two lawmakers, an evening out beat out politics, for one night anyway.

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2 Responses to Work or Play? Two Lawmakers Skip Out on Meeting

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Brodhead For Congress
    January 12, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    David Wu is a pathological hypocrit.

    First he is against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now he votes to raise spending on war from $133 billion a year under Bush, to $200 billion under Obama. Then he takes trips to Afghanistan as if he is a Wu Warlord, and then he goes to see a War concert that sings about being against war. To top it off, instead of generating value added activity concerning the Health bill, he simply throws his hands in the air and says he will vote for it anyways.

    David Wu has a history of abandoning the people he represents. He abandoned our views on health care. He abandoned his constituent’s views on Cap and Trade. He abandoned us on tax and spend fiscal stupidity, but above all he is abandoning his family, so he can stay in DC and go to a War concert.

    Yje dissease of Washington DC has pretty much consumed David Wu. He now only cares about the power of the position he holds and not the duties.

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