Evan’s ‘Bye Bayh’ Tour Stops at “The View”

Since announcing he won’t seek re-election, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh has been making the farewell rounds, appearing on the Sunday talk shows. But his volatile stop on Monday’s edition of “The View”‘ might make him wish his term’s end comes swiftly. He got into a minor verbal scuffle with the show’s resident Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck over a Sarah Palin palm joke Joy Behar actually made. And then took hits from both Behar and Whoopi Goldberg for  “quitting now when we need you.”

Bayh, a moderate Democrat, grumbled about partisan gridlock ( wasn’t he one of the Dems who held up the health care debate?), the filibuster  and called new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown “part of the ultimate cure”

It was a short, heated and uncomfortable exchange.  And far for telling and exciting than his bland appearances on CNN over the weekend.

Bring on Senator Mellencamp. Ain’t that America?