Alpha President Clinton Dresses Down Dittohead Limbaugh

We know Rush Limbaugh is falsifying or mob-inciting, because his lips are moving, again. This obnoxious patent medicine salesman, a Reaganoid holdover from late 20th century America, certainly knows how to use reactionary language to perpetuate his income, promoting more free publicity because of the sheer lunacy of his fear-filled worldview of scarcity.

President Bill Clinton shows us that he has a pair when he neatly dresses down regressive Rush. Clinton recently compared the  period just before the 1995 Oklahoma City federal building terrorist bombing to current social and political polarization, fueled then as now by American rightist talk show demagogues, like Limbaugh. These ideological talkbots diligently endeavor to keep an American citizenry perpetually behind the rest of the free world by wrongly focusing on jingoistic nationalism, rather than respecting American pluralism and social progress.

Three guesses who is near or at the top of that crazy-making talk show list.

Limbaugh predictably gets huffy and self-righteous – as he has done so well for  far too many years – and accuses President Clinton of sanctioning extremist violence.

Rush, Rush, Rush: shame on you, again. How do you sleep at night? Let’s stop the BS and you can either either help the country unite in progress or go to Costa Rica, like you said you would if health care reform passed. While you are living the high life, there are a few things you need to do:

  • create an apology to President Clinton for insulting him and for trying to twist his words; and
  • the cigar smokin’, pill-poppin, lyin’, hypocritical life is catching up with you and you look like hell and in need of some serious weight loss, so get help – seriously;
  • contemplate the exceptionally dangerous consequences of your fearmongering speechifyin’.

During your new outcast existence in Costa Rica, we all hope you appreciate the burgeoning gay community and culture of San Jose. I’d hella love to see you get taken down next in a verbal face-off with Costa Rican queens.


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