Cash For Political Clunkers

In a system where money dominates politics, an interesting thing happened in Tuesday night’s primary elections – the winning candidate raised significantly less money than their opponent.

The race winner is in bold.

In Pennsylvania‘s Senate race, party-backed Arlen Specter out raised competitor Joe Sestak 5 to 1.
Arlen Specter: $15.4 million
Joe Sestak:  $3.4 million

In Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District to replace the late John Murtha, Republican Tim Burns raised more than the Democratic winner.
Tim Burns: $1 million
Mark Critz: $750,000

In Arkansas’ Senate primary, two term Senator Blanche Lincoln is forced into a run off against union and progressive backed Bill Halter.
Blanche Lincoln: $8.7 million
Bill Halter: raised $2.6 million.

In Kentucky’s Senate primary, the money race was the closest,  but ‘Tea Party’ Republican Rand Paul raised slightly less.
Trey Grayson: $2.77 million
Rand Paul: $2.70 million

Note: All numbers reflect the last reporting period which ended April 28th and all numbers can be attributed to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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