Huffington, Pelosi And Others To Speak At Progressives’ Conference

Progressives will gather in Washington, DC this week to assess the role of progressives during a Democratic led government. The three day America’s Future Now! conference begins Monday in Washington, DC.  Speakers and participants plan to analyze political achievements and shortcomings in the time of a crippled economy, two wars, and economic disaster.

Progressives intend to debate whether or not they should back the President’s agenda or challenge it. Progressives take issue with many of the big issues Congress tackled.  Health care with out a public option. Almost completed financial reform allows giant banks to operate and accumulate risk. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid intends to take up energy legislation, but the proposal is heavily focused on fossil fuels.

As much of the political attention has been focused on the threat of the Tea Party, progressives gather in hopes to reclaim the narrative in politics. Speakers include Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, and Andy Stern, outgoing head of the SEIU. Economist Robert Kuttner, Color of Change founder Van Jones who was also pushed out of the White House House by right-wing outrage, will present. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Senate Whip Richard Durbin also plan to speak.

Listen to live coverage Monday and Tuesday from 1pm – 2 pm eastern.

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