Pelosi Shouted Down At Progressive Conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was drowned out by disability activists at her speech at a progressive gathering.  The activists stood up and began shouting shortly after Pelosi took the stage, and they did not stop until she completed her speech more than 30 minutes later.

At the America’s Future Now! Conference, an annual gathering of progressives, Pelosi attempted to highlight Congressional accomplishments. Struggling to be heard over the constant chanting, Pelosi stopped briefly and said, “I’m used to the noise. I talk to the Democratic Caucus every day.”

Disability activists from the group Adapt from came from Philadelphia, Rochester and Denver to get Pelosi’s attention. They succeeded in drawing attention to the Community Choice Act, which would enable disabled to receive home care. Currently, most of the government assistance is for nursing home care.  They have been working for 20 years but have yet to receive a vote in either body of Congress.

They received a small victory in the health care reform bill as states are able provide the disabled the option for home care.  Activists say that doesn’t go far enough.

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Listen to live coverage of the conference.


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