Right-Wing Rigging of Digg Getting National Attention

A conservative group on the popular content sharing site, Digg, was exposed on Thursday via an article on AlterNet written by Ole Ole Olson, News Junkie Post’s news senior editor and chief social media strategist. The story has been getting nationwide attention and angry users are calling for Digg’s CEO Kevin Rose to take action.

The right-wing group, “Digg Patriots” organized itself using a Yahoo! group. Olson discovered that the group’s mission was to bury any stories submitted to Digg by users who often had left-leaning views. According to Olson, the right-wing online group was able to bury stories in a matter of minutes after being submitted to Digg so that the stories never saw the light of day in the “Upcoming” section.

The Digg Patriots also have members that are being accused of being part of an online cyber-bullying group that targets children, primarily on YouTube. The article and video were published on the NJP, click here to see it.

Digg is a popular site where users share articles, photos and video links. News outlets have often used Digg for story leads. The expose shows how right-wing individuals are making an effort to stop left-leaning stories from being shared widely. In contrast, Olson discovered that the Digg Patriots favored stories about conservative pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Michelle Malkin.

This is part of Olson’s AlterNet article:

Although this is a fringe group of Teabagging wingnuts, many well established figures in the Digg community are also present, such as BalancingAct, EMFK, Janinco, mikeinto, and spindig. 10 members have been part of Digg since 2005-2006, with 43 having their current account there for over 2 years. 19 are in the top 500 all time users as ranked by Social Blade, including 3 in the top 100. They have submitted over 30,000 articles, and dugg over 1,000,000 submits collectively. They regularly front page material, yet have some paranoid delusion that the Digg admins are part of some conspiracy to censor them, not once recognizing the blatant hypocrisy of their organized censorship doing that very thing.

ABC News wrote a story about the expose and published Kevin Rose’s tweet on the matter saying that his company is “looking into this.” The Atlantic Monthly has also written about the controversy surrounding Digg.

The News Junkie Post is one of many websites in the Digg Patriot’s hit list. Other websites being targeted are FreakOutNation, Rawstory, The Public Record, The Nation, Media Matters for America, PoliticusUSA, Alternet, Fire Dog Lake, Political Carnival, TruthOut, DailyKos, The Joshua Blog, The Brad Blog, Huffington Post, Science Blogs, Smirking Chimp, Down With Tyranny, and Crooks and Liars.

Olson also wrote that the Digg Patriots target content submitted by particular lefty users and that its ring leader, a user going by the name of “bettverboten,” issues orders to its members to bury any stories, regardless of content that were submitted by them. NJP Digg users have often being targeted.

Latest Developments
Despite vast news coverage on the expose, Olson has said that Digg hasn’t addressed the issue.

“A couple DP members have deleted their accounts, but so far, Digg.com itself has not taken any action as far as I can tell. The credibility of the site is going to take a huge hit, and lose many members if they fail to do something about this,” Olson said.

Official NJP Statement

The News Junkie Post is urging Digg’s Kevin Rose to take action immediately so that the Digg Patriots are stopped from censoring the views and stories submitted by other users, regardless of their politics. And, that Digg examines ways to stop banned members from opening fraudulent user accounts.

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7 Responses to Right-Wing Rigging of Digg Getting National Attention

  1. +5 Vote -1 Vote +1Ole Ole Olson
    August 7, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    A couple DP members have deleted their accounts, but so far, Digg.com itself has not taken any action as far as I can tell. The credibility of the site is going to take a huge hit, and lose many members if they fail to do something about this.

    • +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Dolores M. Bernal
      August 7, 2010 at 2:08 pm

      Thank you Ole Ole, I added your list to the article.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1JigabooJones
    August 7, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Why is everybody whining about this? You do realize that Digg will end up in the rubbish bin of history after version 4 comes out, right?

  3. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1The Dude Dean
    August 7, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I really want to see what Digg does about this. And the timing of it is perfect.

  4. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1elinca
    August 7, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Digg is a front for right wing nuts.

  5. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1Liam Fox
    August 7, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    RWNJ’s imagine conspiracies where there are none, develop strategies that they think are a proportionate response to the boogey-man that exists only in their own minds, implement these strategies and attacks against their perceived enemies, and then become the very thing they think they’re fighting against. They are the only proof that exists of the conspiracies they believe in. It’s kind of funny… in a pathetic, twisted little mind sort of way.

  6. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1rez
    August 8, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    i’m surprised njp didn’t bother to do any research on the people behind the r.j. carter video. a quick search on irish282, logansperman2 or youtube vigilantes would tell anyone all they need to know about this particular group of individuals. irish282 even has his own thread in the perverted justice wikisposure research forum. you can see it for yourself at- pjfi.org/office

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