Americans Forgetting The Recession Began Under Bush, Not Obama

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The American public suffers from a very dangerous case of amnesia. With all the new technology and advances in science, we have yet to find a way to keep Americans from forgetting basic facts, such as remembering that this economic recession was inherited from former president George W. Bush.

Perhaps president Obama wasn’t really aware of how messed up our economy was until he actually got to the Oval office, but by then it was too late, he had already made the promise that under his administration the country would recover. What we know now is that no matter what Obama does or say, our economy is still on the rocks.

And that is exactly that the GOP wants. The Republicans’ strategy for taking back the House and Senate in the November elections is to blame the economy on Obama. The GOP is taking advantage of America’s amnesia to win and it’s working. Obama’s poll numbers have dropped to 44 percent, according to CBS News. And, a recent CNN article implied that Democrats running in November are now distancing themselves from the president.

If Democrats lose the upcoming election it won’t be because the country’s economy hasn’t recovered — it’ll be because they didn’t remind the American public that it was the Bush administration that put us there. The Democratic National Committee needs to be more aggressive with its messaging and instead of shying away from “pointing fingers,” it should be stating facts.

Fact: The federal government had a budget surplus under the Clinton administration.

Fact: When George W. Bush left office, the budget had a deficit of over $400 billion.

Fact: The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy combined with the recession are the reasons why the deficit has reached over $1.5 trillion roday. (Brookings Institute)

Fact: In the run-up to the Iraq war, the Bush administration insisted that the total cost of the war would be $100 to $200 billion of taxpayer money. So far, over $1 trillion have been spent and the total tab will be $3 trillion by the time the war is over — if it’s ever, over. ( and Washington Post).

Fact: Under the Bush administration the country shed jobs. When Bush took office, the unemployment rate was 4.7 percent, when he left it rose to 5.8 percent. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Do I need to go on?

The GOP’s playbook also consists of rallying up people against Obama’s federal spending. Fear-mongering has always worked for the right-wing and as long as they keep saying that the Obama’s stimulus package and his healthcare reform will bankrupt the country, they will surely get votes.

When it comes to healthcare reform, the GOP’s lies and funny math need to be exposed. In fact, healthcare reform will save the country money, help reduce the deficit, and boost jobs. (LA Times)

Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package is being used to extend unemployment benefits and bring relief to small business and working people. Congress will also grant $3.2 billion to states so that they don’t layoff teachers.(Bloomberg)

Finally, Obama is trying to hard to see the country recover, but he is not a magician either. The reason why the unemployment remains at 9.5 percent is because employers refuse to hire. Retail spending is improving, which means that consumer confidence has gotten a boost. Over time, as employers see an up in sales and manufacturing orders, they will eventually give people jobs.

Republicans won’t even acknowledge that there is already light at the end of the tunnel and frankly, they probably don’t want the economy to improve because it could hurt their chances for winning in November. It’s dirty politics, based on fear, lies, and the need for power.

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  2. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1raymond friedman
    August 8, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    here we go again the vicious cycle blame make promises then fail to actually uphold your mission statements from election day and then change or not we start all over again because before they actually serve or get something done they are already on the campaign trail for the next election. stop and deal with the problems and listen to your voters

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