Mr. Speaker, Where Are The Jobs You Promised ?

Mr. Boehner, you have been Speaker of the House for nearly 4 hours now.  Where are the jobs you promised?
You ran on a platform of fixing the economy, with jobs being the centerpiece of your platform.  America is wondering, what happened to your campaign pledge to fix the jobs situation?  Unemployment is at 9.8%!

You got your tax cuts for the rich (TARP II), keeping the top tax rate 27% below the historical average, the big victory of yourself and other conservatives. Your massive, nearly $1 trillion deficit ballooning tax scheme also increases taxes on the poor.   Why are you raising taxes?

The gap between wealth and the poor is the highest since it has been since The Great Depression, and things worked so well back then, so everything should turn out just fine, right?  Let’s just put aside that inconvenient truth that more private sector jobs were created in 2010 than net total during the Bush/Cheney regime, shall we?  That was obviously some liberal plot or fuzzy math by playing with statistics. Those weren’t real jobs, not like those low paying temporary jobs the Republicans created from 2001-2006 to replace those that were outsourced.

You derailed any climate legislation under the guise of it “killing jobs”.  You and the Republicans have engaged in an unprecedented campaign of political warfare and trench warfare that included a record number of filibusters and legislative obstruction, the likes of which have not been seen since Andrew Jackson.  You told us this was for the good of the country, and thanks to the big corporations who employ so many people buying the midterms, now you have your supermajority in the House.

So I ask again, where are the jobs?

And another thing we want to know is why haven’t you balanced the budget yet?  Republicans always campaign on a platform of fiscal conservatism, and despite that blasted history getting in the way, delivered on their promises.  I mean, just because 93% of the national debt was brought on by fiscally conservative Republican presidents doesn’t mean anything.  OK, OK, conservatives always like to say that it is irrelevant that Presidents submit budgets to Congress, so it is not the fault of the White House, but rather of Congress.  Since you are now in charge of the Chamber of Congress that controls the purse strings, why is our deficit at near record levels?  Why is the Boehner deficit well over $1 trillion?  Why haven’t you fixed that yet either?

You’ve been in office for 4 hours, which should be more than enough time with the supermajority you have to have fixed everything by now.  So once again Mr. Speaker, we ask you, where are the jobs?


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  1. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Liam Fox
    January 5, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Over seas, of course.

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