Mitt Romney: Cultural Warrior Unveiled

The cultural wars are booming. Be vigilant. There has always been a powerful current of a culture war in America. Sometimes the battle is underground and in check, though those who want to participate know how to find and join its warring battalions. Periodically the war arises openly as cultural warriors of all stripes decide to come out and show their hand. Now these wars against what cultural warriors deem differences in society have a new champion and leader in Mitt Romney. It is time for the rest of society to prepare for a battle that will only get more vicious in the coming months. Mitt Romney, ever the chameleon par excellence, has become the new channel into the hearts and minds of those who usually hate anything modern or different, or which threatens what they call “their way of life.”

Culture Wars are as old as man. Lest we forget, Socrates offended many in ancient Greece and for reasons we will never understand, already an old man back then, he committed suicide. It was as if he killed himself to make sure those who persecuted him would be forever guilty. It remains a stain on the psyche of Greeks whether they and the rest of the world realize it.

Mitt Romney has become the major cultural warrior of our time by virtue of his running for president. He invokes “culture” to define the difference between the haves and those who have little or nothing. He seems to revel in taking on countries such as Mexico and Ecuador by contending the United States is wealthier than they are because of cultural differences. He takes on other people, such as the Palestinians when he unfavorably compares them to the Israelis and their success. But there is more to how Romney thinks about people. Diversity is a concept that Mr. Romney refuses to acknowledge.

Diversity is what makes America the country it is and America the country it can be. Much of our diversity comes from immigrants. Immigrants are always from another culture, another life, and another world. Their culture in the form of poetry, art, science and intellectual achievement sets each people apart. Immigrants for the most part are usually poor. They come to America, sometimes undocumented, seeking a better life. They would seem to have no place in Mitt Romney’s concept of culture. Multi-millionaires rarely understand people who are at the bottom struggling to rise.

Mitt Romney defines his superiority in how he defines what he believes is culture, the defining difference between people. Mr. Romney’s concept of culture is the ability to make money first and to create anything but money, second.  That way he provides high-octane fuel to the far right, to evangelicals, and anyone else who thinks as he does or how he might think in the future. He believes he is superior because of his wealth, because of his religious belief, probably his attitude toward gender, probably his fear of the freedom on the Internet and much more.


Cultural warriors have many causes. They are against abortion. They are against homosexuality. They believe that evolution is a myth and they try to foster creation theories in our schools. They are for family values, but who, really is against them? They prefer law and order to lawlessness yet they believe that people should carry guns to protect themselves against the lawless in society. Those who tote guns obviously believe, as citizen warriors, that they have the ability to see and destroy what they call evil, something I assume they perceive through an all-knowing eye in heaven. When I know someone is carrying a gun that is not part of law enforcement, I walk the other way.

In Mr. Romney’s lexicon, culture is a buzzword the elite use to separate themselves from the common person. Mitt Romney has no idea how people really live. He caters to the far right in his party when he invokes culture as that which makes the difference between success and failure. As an elitist, he is socially, psychologically, and historically inept. I believe it is impossible for Mr. Romney to understand the lives of other people on our planet because of the bubble in which he lives. Mr. Romney has it all when it comes to wealth.

Almost no one has what he has when it comes to money. Anything else he has going for him is in doubt. Personal wealth is not the answer to good governance. Being a successful businessman is not the answer to running government. With his introduction of his elitist concept of culture to his campaign we are watching the real Mitt Romney emerge from behind the curtain.

When Mitt Romney invokes culture in his speeches, it is because he believes what he says. His handlers and speechwriters understand his views. Despite utterances to the contrary, if he were not a true believer he would never bring up the idea of culture as that which makes a difference among people. Is this a man we want to see in the White House? I think not.

Editor’s Note: Photograph number one by Gilbert Mercier. Photograph number five by Beth Felice and photograph number six by “Wyoming Jackrabbit”.