Gilbert Mercier Discusses Ukraine’s Crisis on RT’s CrossTalk


As the rhetoric for sanctions on Russia heats up in Washington DC with regard to Ukraine, News Junkie Post Editor in Chief, Gilbert Mercier, was invited to discuss the developments on Russia Today’s (RT) April 18, 2014 show, CrossTalk: Indecision and Paralysis in Ukraine, with host Peter Lavelle and guests Mitch Feierstein and Andrew Korybko.

On the current situation, Mercier  said: “I feel that Kiev is basically losing… grasp on what’s going on in East Ukraine. There’s a complete fragmentation of Ukraine right now. The director of the CIA, John Brennan was in Kiev last weekend, and he instructed the Kiev coup government to do certain types of actions. But the Ukrainian military is a complete mess. There’s no chain of command. It’s completely scattered. It’s falling apart. And what Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned concerning the situation in Ukraine, that it was on the brink of a civil war, is completely accurate….”


[The situation is sort of an] “Orwellian reality in the western media, where they repeat lies enough times to make people believe those lies…. For example, Putin has been compared to Adolf Hitler, and so on…. The public opinion, not only in the US but also in the EU, is… that Vladimir Putin is the ultimate bogeyman. They just need a bad guy, and he has become the bad guy. What I fear, more than anything else, is that Russia could be sucked in by the US into a proxy war in Ukraine. Hopefully the Russian administration will not take the bait.”


With regard to the Ukrainian aid package, Mercier noted: “They haven’t seen a penny as of yet, either from the IMF, the EU, or the US. The US has only [pledged] $1 billion of loan guarantee. The one that’s going to cough up the money is mainly the EU. Once they’re on the hook with the IMF, there will be a cut in all social services: in pensions, in everything else. Very soon, the wonderful neo-liberal capitalist models of the US and the EU will be applied to Ukraine, and Kiev might end up… being as functional as Detroit, Michigan….


Mercier agreed that the overall strategy is one “of creating failed states.” And he added: “It is going on all over the world: in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq. Iraq is a failed state. Afghanistan is a failed state. It is a strategy, and that is what they’re trying to do in Ukraine. And unfortunately the EU has become a doormat for the policy of the global corporate empire.”

Editor’s Notes: All photographs by Ivan Osypenko.


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