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“Moon,” A Movie Worth Your Time

From the film’s trailer, “Moon” doesn’t look like an exciting movie that is full action or gore. It could appeal to be quite ordinary, with perhaps one twist that would make it worth watching. But there is nothing left to be desired about “Moon” when you’re done watching it, except that you wish your friends would have gotten over the boring trailer and had come to see this fine movie with you.


Things That Make You Go, “WHAT?!”: The Michael Jackson Story

We all have our views on Michael Jackson and how he lived his life, but it was in a conversation I had with a group friends during Sunday brunch that suddenly, the chit-chat turned into the most interesting (at least to me) conspiracy-filled conversation about the life of Michael Jackson.


Eccentric, Wacky Radio Host Aims To Reach Young People Through Twitter

The eccentric and conservative talk show host Alex Jones of infowars.com is out to get media attention for the ideological “awakening” of two young MTV reality show stars, Heidi Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt.


The Legal Mess Following Michael Jackson’s Death

The King of Pop seems to be creating as much controversy dead than when he was alive. As a giant funeral service, to be held at the singer’s Neverland ranch, preparation takes place, so is the fight over the control of Michael Jackson’s estate.


World Mourns King Of Pop Michael Jackson

The news of Michael Jackson death, from cardiac arrest in Los Angeles yesterday, sent a shock wave across the world last night. Fred Corral, a spokesman for the LA County Coroner’s office said that an autopsy would take place on Friday. In his short statement, he refused to speculate on the cause of death.

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