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Asian Countries On “A Race” To Lead World With Green Technology

The United States has been very successful at having some of the most intelligent scholars, scientists, and inventors in the world. For example, Americans have done extraordinarily well at creating consumer electronics, but not too good at mass producing them. It is actually in Asian countries like Japan that the best cell phones, TVs, and […]


Justice Department Targets BP Over Massive 2006 Oil Spill

The Justice Department recently filed a civil suit against BP’s Alaska unit over two massive oil spills in Prudhoe Bay three years ago. One of the spills forced BP to shut down it’s oil processing centers in the region for five days which led to price spikes during a period of tight crude oil supplies. […]


New American Fuel Efficient Standards Still A Joke

President Barack Obama ordered Thursday that some $210 million dollars from the stimulus package be spend on buying more fuel efficient government vehicles from our American automakers. But are we going to get a big bang for our buck with more “fuel efficient” American vehicles? No, and here is why: The new fuel efficient requirements […]