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New American Fuel Efficient Standards Still A Joke

President Barack Obama ordered Thursday that some $210 million dollars from the stimulus package be spend on buying more fuel efficient government vehicles from our American automakers. But are we going to get a big bang for our buck with more “fuel efficient” American vehicles? No, and here is why: The new fuel efficient requirements […]


White Supremacists In Our Midsts

Don’t be surprised by the most recent murder by a white supremacist and don’t be surprised by more to come. With hundreds of “paramilitary” patriot militias in the mountains of Montana, Texas, Michigan, Oregon, and Kentucky I’m actually quite shocked that they didn’t begin killing more people in public places earlier. Some people may say […]


Judge Sotomayor Nomination: A Very Smart Political Move

Article By Gilbert Mercier, News Junkie Editor President Obama made a very wise choice in his nomination of Judge Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, for three key reasons. First, the gender issue: The nomination of a woman was expected by most reporters. The Supreme Court will have two women again. It is still a gender […]