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Welcome to News Junkie Post, a global news website that features articles and videos on United States and world news, as well as political analysis, commentary and opinion. News Junkie Post deals with topics that include human rights, geopolitics, philosophy, psychology, entertainment, the environment and more. It does not aggregate other news sources but presents original articles by its editorial staff and contributors. News Junkie Post is an independent news source, free from corporate ownership and political agenda. It disseminate information , through social media, that raises awareness and helps people to make informed decisions.

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News Junkie Post stories and writers have been featured on media including Russia Today (RT), BBC World News, NBC, AlHurra TV, NPR, WBAI, PRN, KPFA94.1, 21st Century Wire, Radio Islam, Sputnik, Alternet, Truthout, CounterPunch, The Duran, Z Communications, Popular Resistance, The Raw Story, Atlantic Wire, The Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, The Greanville Post, and Global Research Canada.


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IMG_0186-0010 Gilbert Mercier is a Co-Founder and a Co-Editor in Chief of News Junkie Post. He is the author of The Orwellian Empire. Mercier is a French journalist, photojournalist and filmmaker — writer/concept writer, director, producer and art director — based in the United States since 1983. In the early 1980’s Mercier hosted and produced “Performance,” a radio show in France.

Mercier’s coverage of New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina received international praise. Over the years, he has been a guest analyst on television and radio programs for RT (Russia Today), BBC World News, Progressive Radio Network, Sputnik, Al Hurra TV, CounterPunch Radio, and Radio Islam. Mercier’s articles have been republished by Alternet, Truthout, CounterPunch, Z Communications, Signs of the Times, Popular Resistance, and Global Research Canada, and quoted by news outlets including The Atlantic and MSNBC.

Gilbert is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Art Directors Guild of America. He co-founded News Junkie Post in June 2009. You may find Gilbert on Twitter and LinkedIn.


DadyChery-col150 Dady Chery is a Co-Editor in Chief of News Junkie Post.  She is an associate professor in the biological sciences and the author of We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation. Chery is a Haitian-born journalist, playwright, essayist, and poet. Her broad interests encompass science, culture, and human rights. She writes extensively about Haiti and world issues such as climate change, displacement, and inequality. Her many contributions to Haitian news include the first proposal that Haiti’s cholera had been imported by the United Nations, and the first description of Haiti’s mineral wealth for a popular audience. Chery’s articles are regularly published in Haiti Chery. She has been republished or interviewed in PRN, WBAI, Solari Report, 21st Century Wire, Sputnik, The Huffington Post, Global Research CanadaAlternet, CounterPunch, RT Op-Edge, Z Communications, The News (Pakistan), Synthesis/Regeneration Magazine, Wikileaks Party, San Francisco Bay View, Black Agenda Report, Popular Resistance, Haiti Liberte, The Greanville Post, Buzzflash, Canada Haiti Action Network, Climate & Capitalism, OpEd News, Venezuela Analysis, and others. Some of her articles have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese. She may be found at Twitter and LinkedIn.


Imtiaz-Akhtar-150Imtiaz Akhtar  is an Editor of News Junkie Post. He is the author of Kafka Sutra, a collection of short stories. He was born in Kolkata and attended Victoria Boys’ School in Kurseong. He earned a law degree from the Aligarh Muslim University, Faculty of Law. He is currently enrolled as a M. Phil. Scholar in the Jadavpur University, Department of Comparative Literature. His writings on politics and culture have been published in several sites. He has worked as a lawyer, a subeditor for a law journal, a journalist, and also as a teacher. You may find Imtiaz on FaceBook.


MeltemArikan-col150Meltem Arikan is  is an Editor of News Junkie Post. She is a Turkish novelist and playwright who has dedicated her life to the fight against patriarchy and for freedom of speech and expression. Arikan has written seven novels, one book of research and four plays. Her fourth novel, Yeter Tenimi Acitmayin (Stop Hurting My Flesh), was banned in early 2004 by the Committee to Protect Minors from Obscene Publications, with the accusation of “Writing about the non-existent fact of incest in Turkey and attempting to disturb the Turkish family order with a feminist approach.” The ban was lifted after two months when Arikan was awarded the Freedom of Thought and Expression Award 2004 by the Turkish Publishers’ Association. In 2013 she was short-listed for the Freedom of Expression Award by Index on Censorship for her play Mi Minor, which the Turkish authorities claimed was a rehearsal for the Gezi Park demonstrations. Their subsequent hate campaign, fueled by state sponsored media, forced her to leave Turkey and take exile in the United Kingdom. Her articles on topics such as the digital world, censorship, women’s rights, child abuse, and freedom of expression regularly appear internationally in various news sites, including Index on Censorship. You may find Meltem on Twitter.




ReubenR_ColorniRuben Rosenberg Colorni is a writer, graduate of the International Public Management program at the Hague University, and an activist in a wide variety of causes ranging from the Palestinian occupation to environmental degradation. Although born in Italy, he has also lived in Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom. Rosenberg Colorni currently lives in the Hague, the Netherlands, with his cat. You may find Ruben on FaceBook and Twitter.


John Goss is an authority on 18th century English novelist Robert Bage. Recent political injustices have channeled his writing in an unexpected direction. He has a strong interest in handmade paper. You may find John at Gossip, FaceBook, and Twitter.




Kampmark_PictureBinoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he took his PhD in history. He lectures in politics and law at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and writes regularly for a range of columns, including CounterPunch, Global Faultlines and Eureka Street. He ran for the Australian Senate with Julian Assange for the WikiLeaks Party in 2013. You may find Binoy on Twitter and FaceBook.



Andrea Egizi is a journalist who focuses mainly on issues of ethics, equality and human rights. You may find Andrea on FaceBook.





Antonio Marcantonio is a political activist and expert in Freudo-Marxism, originally from Rome. After graduating in Linguistics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza,”, he taught Italian Language, Literature and Linguistics at the University of Puerto Rico. Back in Europe, he’s now living in Madrid. You may find Antonio on FaceBook.



Liam FoxLiam Fox is a journalist, political analyst and cartoonist, public speaker, and musician. Liam has appeared on NPR‘s All Things Considered, RT, Voice of Russia and Al Hurra TV. Various independent media distribute his articles regularly. He is a seasoned professional, having served as a consultant for NGOs, international, government and grassroots organizations for many years.



Ron SteinmanRon Steinman is a columnist and executive editor of The Digital Journalist and The Digital Filmmaker. He is an award winning producer for NBC News and the Today Show. In the past, Ron served as NBC bureau chief in Saigon, Hong Kong and London. He has also produced documentaries for ABC’s History, A&E, TLC and Discovery channels. Ron is the co-founder of Douglas/Steinman, an independent production company. He wrote The Soldiers’ Story and Inside Television’s First War: A Saigon Journal. You may find Ron on FaceBook.


Anthony ZeitouniAnthony Zeitouni is a Washington-based analyst from Lebanon. He is an expert on Middle East interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution. He writes regularly about Islam, democratization and the area’s minority groups. You may find Anthony on Twitter and at his website.




Maria Odete Madeira
Maria Odete Madeira is a private sector researcher of science philosophy and systems science. She is particularly interested in ontology, cognition and neurocognition. You may find Maria Odete at her website, Twitter, Google+ and FaceBook.