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Crackdown on For-Profit Loan Mod Firms

Six months ago, we highlighted a Washington Post story examining firms that charge struggling homeowners for help modifying their mortgages. Counselors and advocates say a borrower facing foreclosure should never have to pay for help, but those running the firms (which tend to be small) told the Post that they were providing a valuable service […]


New PBS Investigation Takes Viewers Inside The Financial Collapse

“Breaking the Bank” is a documentary that will be first broadcast tonight on some PBS stations. This is Michael Kirk’s most provocative and insightful work so far in which viewers get a chance to understand the underlying forces of the recent financial collapse. It is focused on the controversial purchase of Merrill Lynch by Bank […]


Obama’s Job Plan: Work For 600,000

In a meeting today with the cabinet, the president will announce plans to tap into the $ 787 Billion stimulus package to create 600,000 jobs with 10 major project ready to be implemented in the next three months. Since the stimulus package was adopted in February, the US economy has lost 1.6 million jobs to […]