Sex, Lies, And The Party of “Moral Values”


Opinion by Gilbert Mercier, NEWS JUNKIE POST

Mark Sandford was a rising star within the GOP. He was even considered to be a viable option to run against President Obama in 2012. All of his political career hopes came crashing down a few days ago after his bizarre disappearance and confession of an extra marital affair.

America still has the view that a politician, in order to be elected, must be faithful to his wife. Yet the contradictions are absolutely stunning between this public expectation of ‘virtue’ for its politicians and the reality of Americans life in 2009.

The examples of this amazing societal hypocrisy are countless. For instance, the porn industry is a 10 Billion dollars a year business, and this doesn’t even include the proceeds from pornographic magazines and on line porn. The profit generated by the porn industry is higher than the one of Hollywood mainstream entertainment.

Americans spend more money at strip clubs than on Broadway, off-Broadway, in theaters, the opera, the ballet, Jazz and classical music combined.

The dichotomy finds its very roots in the foundation of America. The Puritans wanted to impose their strict moral code in dealing with matter of sexual behavior. The problem for the so called ‘moral majority’ in America is that they are quickly becoming a minority.

Europeans find America’s hypocrisy towards sexuality completely ridiculous. Recently, Italian President Berlusconi was caught in a sex scandal involving an 18 years old aspiring actress. His wife filled for divorce, but it didn’t affect his popularity with the Italian people. In America, he would have had to resign.

It is time for Americans to grow up, and leave their various sexual hang ups behind. We should view the sexual lives of our politicians as a private matter not a  public one.


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