The Lion Of The Senate Would Have Put The Blue Dog Democrats On A Leash

3859550601_22da03cf41_oThe tributes to Ted Kennedy, a real political giant, have being pouring in since his passing last night. Not only in America, but from all over the world. One of the most eloquent ones came from  British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Edward Kennedy will be mourned not just in America but in every continents. He is admired around the world as the Senator of Senators. He led the world in championing children education and health care, and believe that every single child should have a chance to realize their potential to the fullest.”

Indeed, Ted Kennedy spent the best of his 47 years in the US Senate at fighting the important battles. One that was, arguably, the closest to his heart was health care reform. A good way to truly honored the memory of this remarkable public servant would be for the Democrats in the Senate to regain their courage and fight for the bill as if their life depended on it.

Edward Kennedy was not only a man of convictions, but he had the rare ability to either reach across the aisle and get some Republicans on his side of an issue or, if needed, to be forceful and blunt. Unfortunately for us and the Obama administration, the powerful voice & drive of Ted Kennedy was absent during the debate over the health care reform bill. Ted Kennedy had the ability to play “dirty politics” as well, and it is likely that he would have found a way to put enough pressure on the so called “blue dog Democrats” to make them cave in and get them to vote for the bill.

Let’s face it, nobody in the Senate can currently step into the giant shoes of Edward Kennedy, but for the sake of the health care reform bill and upcoming ones such as immigration reform for example, President Obama needs to find a strong ally in the Senate with brain, conviction and, if needed, sharp elbows to push policies through the legislative process.

The time is not for the audacity of hope any longer, but for the tenacity of getting things done. After all, one of the main point of candidate Obama’s electoral platform was health care reform, and President Obama can find enough votes in the Senate to deliver on his promise to the American people.


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  1. jdg August 31, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    The Lion Of The Senate Would Have Put The Blue Dog Democrats On A Leash

    He would have threatened to drive them over a narrow bridge drunk

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