5.9 Earthquake Shakes Southern California

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake shook Southern California on Monday night at 9:26 pm, PST.

The quake was located near the Laguna Salada fault, 5 miles southeast of Ocotillo, California — a very deserted part of the state. The jolt was felt stronger in San Diego, 86 west of the epicenter, and also in El Centro, CA some 36 miles east of Ocotillo. The earthquake was also felt in Los Angeles.

Smaller earthquakes have shook the same general area, including a 4.1 magnitude earthquake that was felt at 9:36 pm.

No damages or injuries have been reported as of 9:55 pm, PST.

Since late May, smaller earthquakes have shook the Southern California region. A 4.4 earthquake startled Riverside residents over the weekend.

On April 4, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook near Mexicali, in Baja California — 60 miles south from tonight’s earthquake.

For the USGS’ details of the 5.9 earthquake click here.


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