Is Hurricane Earl Dumping BP Oil Spill Tar Balls On The Beaches Of Nantucket?

In the last few days a few eye witnesses spotted several tar balls, of different sizes, on and off the beaches of Nantucket. The tar balls were of various sizes, some were a couple feet in diameter. According to two eye witnesses, who contacted The News Junkie Post, some of them were floating in the water other were already on the beaches.

“Some were four inches across and a couple of inches thick, and others were as large as a couple feet across and about four inches thick. They looked like big black rocks, but they were slightly buoyant and floating in the water,” said Tracy Burtz, an artist from New-York vacationing in Nantucket.

Another eye witness, Michael Luftman, alerted Josh Balling, an editor of Nantucket’s Inquirer & Mirror, about the tar balls found at Madaket beach.

“It was clear from the smell and texture of the tar that it was some sort of oil. The balls were actually saucer-shaped and ranged from pebble size to nearly two feet across and 4 to 5 inches thick,” says Michael Luftman.

The editor of Nantucket’s Inquirer & Mirror responded to Mr. Luftman that the environmental reporter of the paper, Eliot Baker, would “look into the tar balls”. Below is the email that Mr.Luftman wrote to the publication’s editor:

My wife and I observed many large tar balls had recently washed-up, some more than a foot across and several inches thick, along a mile long stretch of Madaket beach. Has anyone in the local DEP been made aware of this? What is the source? Could it be a barge spill relatively near by or could the source be the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico? An analysis of the content of the tar might be able to determine that,” wrote Mr. Luftman to the editor of the publication.

Is assuming that the tar balls in question are coming from the BP oil spill far fetched? Not really. We were told recently by both BP and the Obama administration that “80 percent of the oil from the spill was gone”. However most scientists are saying that the oil is still there, but just deeper in the water not on the surface. This disturbing video was shot in Louisiana on June 22ND, and it clearly shows that oil was literally raining on Louisiana that day.


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