Greece Explodes as Global Capitalists Force Austerity: Police Violence Greets the Crowds

Rubber bullets and tear gas were the answer the people of Athens received from their government as they took a stand against their governments willingness to prostitute them as chattel property for the benefit of global financiers.  The people of Greece took to the streets as a part of a 48 hour general strike organized to protest the imposition of an austerity budget demanded by the IMF (International Monetary Fund).  The very financial system that ravaged the global economy, and extorted bail-outs from the working people of the world through their corrupt governments, is now insisting on even more money from the people in order to pay the debt created by the bail-outs they received.  It’s as though we’re all playing a game of Monopoly and someone let Bernie Madoff be the banker.

Beginning this fall, America will be the victims of the same scam.  Wall Street and the banksters are making more profit than ever before, even before they crashed the economy, but Americans, like the Greeks, will be forced to pay back the money that was stolen from them.  That’s right;  the banks stole your money, called it a debt that you are responsible for, and are now demanding that you repay it, on top of what you’ve already allowed them to take.

They will take it from your taxes.  They will take it from your money that will be cut from funding the services you require.  They will take it out of your sweat and tears by making you work a few years longer.  They will take it from the money that would have been spent caring for you in your golden years by cutting your social security, and your health care.  Once you are no longer able to be a wage slave for them, they will kick you to the curb and tell you that you are now the problem of your family, if you have one, or the benevolent members of your community, if there are any left with any more money than you have.  You are chattel.  Once you are no longer of profit to them you will be discarded.  The Greeks are saying “NO.”

They can find the money to fund the ever-expanding invasions and occupations.  America has gone into more countries than Hitler did before WWII and has military bases in at least 130 countries.  That can be afforded because it is all meant to support the corporate and financial goals of the American Capitalist empire.  What the average American is only beginning to understand is that they too are expendable when it comes to support that empire.  The American empire is not patriotic.  The government is run by the most unpatriotic entities on the planet, entities for whom patriotism is completely anathema to their stated purpose and singular goal.  Our governments, globally – Greece, America, Britain, Canada, et al, -, have been completely subjugated by corporate and financial interests, and, subsequently, the citizens of the world have become nothing more than commodities whose current and future production can be used as leverage against the debt that enslaves us all.


This is the same banking and financial system that exists in America and across the globe.  The same forces that are requiring the institution of austerity measures in Greece are the ones requiring it of Americans beginning this fall.  This is not hypothetical.  This is the same global financial system, doing this in Greece, that plans to do it in America, Britain, and Canada.  This is not a far away world that is disconnected from your reality.  Greece is a glimpse of your very near future.

Your public lands will be sold of to private interests, as will your utilities, natural resources, and other public services or property they can get their hands on.  All in the name of fiscal responsibility and austerity.  Sell all that you owe to them in order to pay the debt to them that they created by robbing you of all that you own.  That is their game.  They plan to buy your country out from underneath you with the money they stole from you, and the money they plan to continue stealing.  You will end up living in your own country as an impoverished tenant in someone else’s home.

The Greek people, as well as those in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Ireland, are already feeling the effects of what is planned for America, Britain and Canada.  What you are seeing in these videos is their reaction of the Greek people to the hostile invasion and assault on their country by soldiers dressed in suits, calling themselves bankers and economists, taking over their country and robbing it of its wealth and enslaving the people.  It’s not being done in the name of another country though, but in the name of a very elite group of global capitalists.

What will America’s reaction be?  This army of economic warriors has already encircled your country, invaded your capital city, your government, your media, your legislature and your judiciary.  Their assault is not a possibility, it is already underway.  The battle has been raging, and they are winning.  Will Americans have the same courage as the people of Greece?  Will Americans act before it’s too late?  Will Americans say “enough is enough?”  Will Americans wait until they are in the same dire straights?  Will the American state respond with force in the same way that Spain has, and as we see Greece’s state police do in these videos?

This October, 2011, marks the tenth anniversary of the Afghanistan war which is now accompanied by the military invasions in Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen.  These expanding illegal actions, which have cost so much in human lives and resources, will continue as America is subjected to the beginning of austerity measures with the new budget.  Corporations are still profiting from the wars that American citizens are funding, while the banks are demanding that American citizens cut back in order to pay for the wars… on top of the other debt created by the banks.

Not everyone is sitting idly by waiting for things to get as bad as they are in Greece and elsewhere.  Some are taking action.  Visit the movement and find out what some are doing in order to prevent further exploitation in America, as well as abroad.  Visit the ‘Stop the Machine‘ Facebook page, and the #Oct6 Twitter hashtag, as well.  A movement is emerging.  Peaceful actions of effective civil disobedience are developing traction and growing in number.  Get involved, before it’s too late.



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