Is Default the Only Chance for Real Economic Reform?

Everyone is worried about the possibility of the economic system crashing. That would be understandable if this economic system was working for you, but it isn’t. The current system of predatory global capitalism is more centralized, and more serving of a particular elite, than any form of state socialism or state communism has been. The failure of soviet state communism was on a massive regional scale, what we are witnessing now is the collapse of capitalism on an even more enormous global scale.

Only one percent of the global population can truly say that they are the benefactors of this current system. Their exclusive banquet table is always full, and the mere specter of want is vigorously repelled as an unwanted party crasher. Another twenty percent, or so, can claim satisfaction from the crumbs they are able to collect from under that table. They build banquets to emulate their masters, but want is a constant threat, knocking on every door, and tapping on every window. The rest live right along side want, and sometimes trapped beneath it, coveting a chance to sit at the table, any table, for just a day, or for a single course of a meal, or even a sampling of some glutton’s left-overs.

Yet, we’ve all been convinced that the destabilization of this system is something that all of us should fear. The monster that holds us all captive is bleeding, and we’re being told that it is our job to run with bandages, boiled water, and ointment, in order to heal its wounds and restore its strength. Is freedom from the shackles that bind us really so fearful?

Have we become a bunch of victims unable to do anything but protect our abuser? Have we become so broken that we rate our self-worth that low? Are we children cowering in a closet unsure of what life might be like without being ruled over by lords who despise us as vassals?

So what happens if the system that binds us all fails? Is there less food on the planet? Are there less resources? Does the water dry up and the oxygen drift off into space? Are you any less capable, willing, or strong? The only thing that is in jeopardy with this financial crisis is the control that a very few have over the rest of us. The only thing in jeopardy is their system of debt that keeps us all subservient to their desires.

The only people that will actually be hurt by a crash are the wealthy; the one percent that controls everything. They will try and shift the burden to everyone else by hoarding control over all that they have accumulated, and charging higher prices for life’s necessity. That will be the first thing that must change. Shortages will not be real, they will be imposed by those who have been allowed to convince us that they own that which belongs to all of us. Their system is failing, and with it, so should their control.

Right now they are trying to crash the system in order to devalue our labor and resources. Given the chance, they will convince us that it is our job to make up for the losses while they proceed to buy up the rest of what they don’t already own. This cannot be allowed. Call their bluff. Crash their system. Default on their loans, and reclaim what belongs to every child of this planet, equally.

Privatization is not the answer. All that will do is give them all the control they want and sell off any leverage that the citizens of the world still have. Government should be by the people, of the people, and for the people, and so should stewardship over the earth’s resources… shrinking the power of government is simply taking away the power of the people. Our current system of government, corrupted by corporations and special interest, certainly needs to change, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be turned over to those that would destroy it completely. A government truly of and by the people is what is needed now more than anything, don’t be tricked into giving up the only leverage you have left.

Economic reforms, debt ceilings, austerity measures, and tax versus spending debates are not designed to save the people of this planet. They are designed to save the economic system that enslaves the people of this planet. Don’t be tricked into digging your own grave or driving the final nail into your own coffin.

Global capitalism is a house of cards that we have all watched as it has begun to fall, in slow motion, for the last few years. It doesn’t need to be propped up and made to last just a little while longer so that those that benefit can figure out how to still come out on top. Like the money we are forced to live chasing, this house of cards is made of flammable paper. Don’t raise any debt ceilings. Don’t accept any austerity measures. Refuse to be wage slaves until you’re seventy, or older. Don’t sell the little you have left in order to prop that cardboard house up. Don’t let them reform the rules to their own game to make it keep on working for them. Don’t just let it fall, burn the mother down.


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