Troy Davis’ “Legal” Murder: An Indictment Against A Bloodthirsty Empire

Today, Troy Davis was legally murdered by the state of Georgia on behalf of the American people. Once again the United States legal system has killed proudly and without remorse. Since 1976, 1,268 people have been executed by the US penal system. As I am witting this, I feel ashamed to live in a land-even so it is not for long- which is showing again tonight its true barbaric nature, its coldness and amorality. America has a taste for blood either at home or abroad.

American people like to feed their minds with fairy tales about themselves which say otherwise. The US  history taught in American schools is full of omissions, embellishments and blatant lies. This is not a land of morality and righteousness as it  paints itself  to be, the country owns its power and  wealth to crimes against humanity and genocide. American was built and became hugely prosperous from land stolen to the Native Americans and from the  labor of African slaves.

The United States of America, had blood on its hands from the get go. Troy Davis is just another victim tonight of a system which would rather incarcerate than educate, a country that is so backward that it might be one of the last one to abolish what is a crime against basic human rights: the death penalty.

The death penalty is cruel and an affront to human rights. Fewer countries than ever before are carrying out executions. But in 2009, 714 people were executed worldwide in 18 countries, and more than 2,000 were sentenced to death. Countries that still carry out executions are now the exception not the rule. In 2009, the worst offending countries were China (with more executions than all other countries combined), Iran with at least 388 executions, Iraq with 120, Saudi Arabia with 69, and the United States with 52. As it did with slavery and apartheid, the world is rejecting the embarrassment to humanity that is the death penalty. We are moving closer to a death penalty free world, but until that day comes we are all Troy Davis.


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