2012 Financial Prediction: More of the Same but Worse

Those that produce nothing are making more, and more, while those that produce everything are making less, and less… money, that is. We have no one to blame but ourselves.  We allow it to happen.  We know that we were fleeced, robbed, and extorted, not only in 2007, the most obvious recent example of the malfeasance of global bankers and financiers, but consistently, and increasingly, throughout our history.

The pattern of crashing economies, devaluing labor, and privatizing all our national resources, necessary services (such as health), and utilities, has accelerated and moved beyond the testing grounds of developing countries.  What was once the M.O. of the financial elite and their dealings in countries such as IndonesiaChile, Brazil, and the rest of South America, is now the austerity strategy being used to purchase Europe and North America, wholesale.

As long as we allow the game to exist, they will continue to play, and profit, and we will continue to pay.  The game is global.  The solution must be global.


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