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40,000 Year Old Rock Art Site Depicts Extinct Bird

An archaeological team recently visited a site containing a pictograph (not to be confused with a petroglyph) at Arnhem Land plateau in north Australia. They were investigating a large, flightless bird depicted here, which was originally thought to be an Emu. Upon closer examination, it was not an Emu at all, but rather a species of bird extinct for 40,000 years.


New Evidence Supports Bipedalism For Early Hominids

An analysis of the skeletal structure needed to make 3.5 million year old footprints has revealed that our ancient, partially tree-dwelling ancestors walked on two legs. Called bipedalism, this analysis pushes back the date of our hominid ancestors.


Behind The Anger Over Obama’s New NASA Plans

President Barack Obama’s cancellation of a key space program at NASA has angered not only space-enthusiasts and legendary astronauts, but leading the pack is also Lockheed Martin. Obama has increased NASA’s budget by $6 billion so that more funding can go to research and to improve operations of the International Space Station for the next […]


Where In The Universe Are We?

Stellar cartography is a fairly new field of astronomy, although the question of our place in the Universe has been one of the central questions of our species for thousands of years.


Official Inquiry Vindicates Climate Scientists

Since Galileo, science has been under attack, and its foes thought they had scored a huge victory when hackers broke into the emails of researchers at the CRU, finding some suspicious correspondences. An official UK government inquiry has just cleared the scientists of any wrong doing, reasserting that man-made global warming is a fact.

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