Von Brunn: “Hitler’s Worst Mistake: He Didn’t Gas The Jews”

Photo by Gilbert Mercier Los Angeles 1983.

Holocaust Survivor/Photo by Gilbert Mercier Los Angeles 1983.

James Von Brunn is a white supremacist and the shooter responsible for this afternoon killing at the Holocaust Memorial in Washington DC.

He wrote this racist rant a while back, it does illustrate perfectly his disturbed state of mind.

“Remember, the Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave Jews control of America’s money. Followed by control of America main sources of information.

Early on, during the war-torn 20Th Century, the only broadcast networks: ABC, CBS and NBC were Jew owned.

Today, Jews control all important sources of information: The major networks, newspapers, magazines, book publishing, music industry, Hollywood, Encyclopedia Britannica, public schools & universities, the Catholic church etc.

Bit by bit Liberalism ascended. Bit by bit, the Constitution was re-interpreted. Bit by bit, government institutions & Congressmen fell into Jew hands. Then, US diplomacy, businesses, resources & manpower came under Jew control.

White men sat on their collective asses, and did nothing but talk. Never before in world history has a nation so completely been conquered with absolutely no physical resistance. Whites love their enemies. Today, on the world stage, white-men are laughed at, their women bred by stronger men.

And America? America is a 3rd world racial garbage dump- stupid, ignorant, dead-broke & terminal. Prepare to die, Whitey.”

The web site of James Von Brunn (holywesternempire.org) is currently shut down. This is a bio of James Von Brunn.


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