The Obama Administration Wants To Block The Release Of Torture Photos

3378018795_ffaef5feabToday, the Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to hear its  appeal of a court ruling requiring the release of 21 photographs depicting the abuse of prisoners held in US custody at overseas locations.

In September 2008, the US Court of Appeal for the 2ND Circuit ordered the release of the photos after the ACLU filled a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Obama administration originally indicated that it would release the photographs, but then abruptly switched its position before the agreed deadline.

Amrit Singh, an attorney with the ACLU, made the following statement today: “The appeal court soundly rejected all the government arguments for withholding the photos, and it is unfortunate that the government has chosen to contest that decision. These photos would provide visual proof that prisoner abuse by US personnel was not aberrational but widespread, reaching far beyond the walls of Abu Ghraib. As disturbing as the photos may be, it is critical that the American people know the full truth about the abuse that occurred in their name.”


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