Three Deadly Bomb Blasts In Baghdad & Mosul Kills 46


Latest update at 2:00 AM (US/ PST): The latest death toll is now 46 with  240 wounded.

The three separate bomb attacks happened near Mosul and in Baghdad, according to the Iraqi police.

In the one in Mosul, officials report that two trucks packed with explosives were detonated in the  village of Khazna, killing 25 and seriously injuring at least 70. The detonation was so powerful that it took down 35 houses.

In Baghdad, two bomb attacks occurred in  separate areas of  Western Baghdad. One attack  killed 6, the other 10. The Iraqi police says that at least 200 suffered injuries some of them critical.

This coincide with the beginning of the removal of  the anti-blast concrete barriers separating the  Sunnis & Shiites areas of Iraq’s capital. The frustration has been growing with the Sunnis, over what they feel is a lack of say in a largely Shiites controlled government.

This could be a warning sign that a full blown civil war could erupt again in Iraq, and test the Iraqi forces’ abilities to maintain an acceptable level of security for Iraqis. Once again the 50,000 ,or so American troops still in Iraq could end up playing the role of referee in a civil war.


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