The Unhealthy Debate On Health Care Moves To Twitter

443737978_83a41823e2(2)The debate on health care doesn’t qualify as a debate any longer, it has become a battle, a shouting contest  in town-hall meetings, between politicians and of course in the media.

Further more, I don’t even think  the so called “debate” is  about  health care  at all, but more about making  people feel anxious about the concept of change, any change for that matter.

Once again, the populist element of the GOP, such as Sarah Palin, has managed to spread the contagious disease of fear, and just like she did during the campaign she is  bundling & confusing as many issues as possible. We are hearing the same trigger words: Obama is a socialist, the government is taking over and will pull the plug on grandma etc.

Today, the “debate” was on twitter between Senator Specter & Senator Grassley.

Specter opened the salvo, about three hours ago, with this message: “Called Senator Grassley to tell him to stop spreading myth about health care reform and imaginary “death panels.”

Grassley responded an hour later by this message:”Specter got it all wrong that I ever used words “death board”. Even liberal press never accused me of that. So change UR last tweet, Arlen.

This promises to be an interesting summer Congress recess.


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