Behind Palin: Fox News & Bush’s “Brains” Are Hiding In Plain Sight

Note: On the second photograph you can see Sarah Palin’s “key talking points” written on her left hand. Energy, Tax Cuts & Lift America Spirit.

This week-end, Sarah Palin was crowned queen of the so called “Tea Party Movement”. It seemed so real that the respectable BBC reported on it tonight. From a US perspective, it doesn’t seem to be a completely real political movement,  but instead a manufactured one coming from Fox News.

Palin wants a smaller government, lower taxes and she also wants to deal with the soaring budget deficit. Or also, and for good measure, she said  tonight that we need a new “revolution”. Now this is quiet surprising considering where she is coming from.

Sarah Palin went on to call President Obama’s 2011 budget “immoral”.

“It is easy to understand why Americans are shaking their heads when Washington has broken trust with the people that these politicians are to be serving” Sarah Palin told a cheering Tea Party convention.

And then she criticised strongly the Obama administration on foreign policy issues.

“We need a foreign policy that distinguishes America’s friends from her enemies, and recognizes the true nature of the threats that we face,” said Palin. This one sounded very similar to the stand made by George W. Bush shortly after 9/11/2001: “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists”.

Let’s be perfectly clear here; Sarah Palin is nothing but a sexy facade in charge of recycling the message of the former administration. The so called “tea party grass root movement” has been manufactured all along by Fox News. For some reason they managed to derail the Obama administration health care reform by pretending that the “grass root” movement in question was a lot bigger than it actually is.

But then one has to wonder who is really running the political agenda of Fox News. Is it the clowns such as Glen Beck, Bill O’ Reilly etc, or the real guys, the ones that are called in to do the heavy ideological lifting? I am sure you know  exactly who they are: It is former VP Dick Cheney and Bush’s “brain” himself AKA Karl Rove. The former Bush administration did not completely leave the political arena, they just moved to Fox News.

So when Sarah Palin calls for a “revolution”, what does she has in mind exactly? Let me take a guess, what she calls revolution is actually a counter-revolution to set the clock back to the “good ol’ days” of the Bush era with the same puppet masters in the background. If Sarah Palin would be elected in 2012, she would be Teflon President part 2: a Ronald Reagan wearing a  skirt with the “usual suspects” pooling the strings in the background.


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