The Hall Of Famous Regressives

Like so many, I grew up learning not to use certain swear or curse words, like asshole, especially in name-calling. As I grew older, I learned that words have power and realized that these terms can be appropriately used when needed to characterize the inhumanity seen in some individuals and groups. So, for being generally mean-spirited, small-minded, closed-hearted, inhumane, selfish, and for perpetrating emotional violence on the American people and the world, these folks and institutions have made it to the “Hall of Famous Regressives.”

  1. Karl Rove – for crimes against the American people
  2. George H. W. Bush – for refusing to show respect for Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy by declining to go to his funeral, although every other living American President attended
  3. George W. Bush Jr – see Karl Rove
  4. Dick Cheney – see Karl Rove
  5. Rush Limbaugh – for hypocrisy of the highest order; fundamentally he is anti- and un-American
  6. Ann Coulter – for being such a negative, hateful bitch
  7. Phyllis Shlafly – see Ann Coulter
  8. Stephen Baldwin – a good lookin’, homophobic, propaganda-swillin’ jerk
  9. Newt Gingrich – see top 5 entries
  10. Republican Party (USA) – for being homophobic, racist, sexist regressives
  11. Pat Robertson – famous for blaming every disaster on gay people or otherwise demonizing the suffering, yet persists in calling himself a “man of ‘God'”; fundamentally he is anti- and un-American
  12. Michael Savage – see Republican Party and Ann Coulter
  13. DEA – for wrecking countless lives because of marijuana hysteria and propaganda
  14. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) – see Republican Party
  15. The Roman Catholic Church – see Republican Party and Mormons
  16. Alabama Senator Larry Dixon – for stating that medical marijuana makes people with cancer into lesbians (there are countless lesbians now laughing their BUTTS off)
  17. US Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia – for being a generally anti-1st Amendment, anti-freedom, anti-gay, anti-everything pompous fool
  18. Maggie Gallagher and the National Organization for Marriage for promoting lies, hatred, and fear of gay people
  19. Glenn Beck – major shill for Republican and Mormon lies and propaganda
  20. Senator Joe Lieberman – for blocking any progress on the 2009 health care reform bill
  21. Sarah Palin – for giving brainless beauty queens a really bad name and for showing her inhumanity by permitting Alaskans to kill defenseless bears and wolves in the dead of winter from helicopters
  22. Teabaggers (so-called Tea Party) – for having the audacity to claim the mantle of the original Boston Tea Party activists; for their regressive, racist, homophobic, fearmongering weltanschauung; and for showing extraordinary selfishness in the tired mantras of “no new taxes” and ” less government”

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2 Responses to The Hall Of Famous Regressives

  1. Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ February 17, 2010 at 10:22 pm


    Each and every entry on this list is richly deserving of the “honor.”

  2. Gigi Adams February 18, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Where did you get your information? You must be one of those “tidbitters” who uses a couple of words out of an entire conversation to come up with such ludicrous claims. Your “regressives” (???) are all PRO-America, God-fearing, Constitutionalists. There has been no hate or violence at any Tea Party events except by Liberal trolls – who bit off the finger of an old gentlemen? Who had to bus in SEIU thugs to try to start fights with anyone they could get their hands on? Libs’ main problem is that you have no facts to back up your make-believe claims, so you resort to name-calling, smearing, and violence. You need to look in the mirror and start actually HEARING what is going on. Your jig is up – it’s over. But please keep spewing your vile until November, when you and your ilk go back into hiding. What color is the sky in your world?

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