The Moral Fiber Of Conservative Posers

By Wes Rackley

The Republican “Conservatives” or Posers as Ron Paul supporters at CPAC preferred to call them, are forever trying to sneak their cronyist plutocratic ideals past their base in the guise of faith and liberty. However it’s getting very difficult for them, and comical, as they try to hide the monumental hole that their supply side shovels dug and the unbelievable ascent of our progressive climb out of their economic nosedive. This data set will put a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye of the most hard nosed policy wonk, it’s the Mona Lisa of before and after graphs from EPI.

You have to ask yourself when you look at those beautiful blue bars where we might be today if we hadn’t squandered the past decade on the Conservative “smaller government is better government” lie. Climbing instead from the shoulders of the Clinton surplus rather than the Republican rut.

Imagine where we can be twenty years from now if we stick with policies that fall factually within the boundaries of science and historical data as rule rather than the exception. What a concept! Basing the policy decisions of the most advanced society in the history of the world on scientific evidence and reason rather than manufactured political fervor inflamed by bumper sticker propaganda.

Its hard to imagine a more vain, cynical and spiritually culpable act than the bumper sticker political strategy of Mike Pence trying to hide his plutocratic roots behind religion and liberty one liners. Even as he knows perfectly well that the deception he peddles comes at the expense of those he is deceiving. Hows that for an prime example of the moral fiber of “Conservative” Posers.

When Mike Pence speaks of liberty does he include the God given right of workers to organize and bargain for the best life they can get for themselves and their families? Or does Mike Pence’ liberty end somewhere between the employer and employee?

Ask yourself honestly, do you feel at “liberty” to talk with your fellow workers openly about organizing to insure you are fairly compensated for your contribution? What kind of economy is it when your not free to bargain honestly for the wealth and well being of your family with the true value of your livelihood?

The real growth of our economic future begins by denouncing Mike Pence’ plutocratic representation with the “liberated” voice of collective bargaining. We’ve seen first hand where the Mike Pence vision of America leads, down.

Think of all the potential benefits of a forward thinking, fair and equitable progressive economic policy. Take for example a unionized work force full of people with the character, pride and professionalism of International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) member Robin Dehaven who put his personal safety aside to come to the aid of IRS employees trapped in a burning building after a deranged tax payer targeted them with his plane.

Imagine if every community were filled with the character and attitude fostered by the pride of a union vocation rather than our communities being little more than expendable ATM’s by politically entrenched plutocrats like Rick Scott and their representatives like Mike Pence who strongly oppose an expanded role of government intervention in the “free-market.”


If every American worker had collective bargaining and NLRB working on his and her behalf , the peak or the “rising cream”of the top income earners could never exceed the breadth of the base of the wealth distribution, an inherently stable and elegantly simple economic model that agrees with common sense and our democratic values, always a plus.

The message the Posers will advocate as the demand rises for more workers is that tax breaks for the wealthy will insure continued growth and lower wages will insure wealth is spread more broadly, same old song and dance and its all a load of bull. No quantity of disheartened, underpaid, part timers in a dead end job with no dedication, no respect and no pride will ever equal a dedicated, respected, well compensated, well trained, professional, union worker.

Plutocrats and the Mike Pences of the world can never admit this, but its true; more economic vitality will grow from good jobs and a well compensated, satisfied, unionized workers. Their increased income and job security will stimulate spending, raising demand for more workers and creating the vibrant cumulative snowballing of a progressive economy that we all should be demanding from our government all the time not just after a Republican recession.

The real change, true change won’t happen on a policy wonk blog or in the White House or in the Congress. Real change will happen in the mind of the American worker as they decide to make the collective bargaining battle his and her battle and the opportunity that democracy provides their opportunity, undeterred by divisive, empty, rhetoric of the plutocratic Republican Posers.

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8 Responses to The Moral Fiber Of Conservative Posers

  1. Dan February 23, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Just letting you know, one graph does not make science. You have to distinguish between correlation and causation. Did the stimulus CAUSE the recovery or did it just happen at the same time? Nowhere in this piece do you address that question. Therefore, your claims are no more scientific than those of the “conservative posers.”

    Please note–and this is very important–I am a scientist, not a Republican. I am not saying you are wrong, I am simply telling you that you have not proved anything.

    • really? February 23, 2010 at 5:25 pm

      Mr. Dan,

      While I agree with you that the two c words weren’t actually proven with this graph, I must admit that as a fellow scientist, I would hope that your grammar would be a little more ‘solid-er.’ ‘You have not ‘proved’ anything’ makes me question the number of papers you have up for peer review…… But a scientist would not rely on a single website posting to ‘proved’ anything to him/her. A real scientist would look at the body of evidence, which would include more sources than one cited from I am not smearing the site, just your scientific scruples.

    • Wes Rackley February 23, 2010 at 9:42 pm

      I did forget to list the sources, my apologies, however the link is above the graph and I’m completely comfortable with the source and the data. I leave it to you to try and change my mind. My intent was to make a political and emotional point about the Republican Poser’s habit of trying to run their campaign in a fog of hyperbole misleading people who in the end (according to well substantiated data) will suffer fiscally from their “Conservative” policies if they were to win. I believe this is also close to how the supporters of Ron Paul at CPAC saw them, the article is a tip of the hat to their courage to color out side the CPAC lines. I obviously struck a a partisan chord, good, go read the data, source it and prove me wrong.

      • Dan February 24, 2010 at 5:45 am

        You both missed the point in different ways.

        Really? – I’m not expecting an article in a web magazine to be a complete proof QED. I’m expecting it to say something provable. What Wes says is not a statement of fact. It is opinion with an attached graph. There is no distinction made between the C’s so the graph is meaningless in this context. Also, less ad hominem. Who cares who or what I am? In civil democracy, it only matters what I say (and that I have the right to say it).

        Wes – You want me to read the data and prove you wrong. But like I said, you haven’t proven yourself right yet. I can’t make a counter-argument against an argument that doesn’t exist in the first place. You want to start a policy debate? Go read anything Christina Romer has written in the last 15 years and use her arguments and data to prove yourself right. THEN you can demand a response.

        • Wes Rackley February 24, 2010 at 9:35 am

          I appreciate your critique Dan I give you my word that in the future I will put every effort into fleshing out my advocacy for labor and working families more completely. And better substantiate my contempt for wedge issue, hot button, Poser politics, given the opportunity.

        • Wes Rackley February 24, 2010 at 9:55 am

          By the way Dan your welcome to join a more expanded debate at the linked Digg thread, my sincere apologies for sounding so snarky and partisan but in today’s media environment there are few other options.

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  3. Rosanne February 25, 2010 at 6:40 am

    You are right! I call them “faux Christians” however instead of “posers.”. And, they infiltrate the churches too, urging people to acts of war by studying the OT examples of mass extermination of the “enemy” and dovetailing beautifully into the need for soldiers to “spread democracy.” I often wonder if the ministers aren’t in league with the military war complex; I can’t tell the difference!

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