Russian Geopolitical Analyst: “World War III Has Already Begun”

This alarming statement sounds outrageous, border line insane and coming from the corner of the New World Orders conspiracy theory folks. However, it is not the case. The man expressing the idea is Konstantin Sivkov, he is Russian and the Vice President of the Academy for Geopolitical Issues. Sivkov thinks that “World War III will start 100 years after WWI (2014) and will take lives of hundreds of millions people worldwide”.

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Even if Sivkov’s conclusions seem far fetched, at first analysis, the premises for his geopolitical thesis are very compelling. Sivkov believes that planet Earth has experienced a “global crisis of civilization”. According to Sivkov, the crisis was caused by several serious conflicts which have been brewing for decades.

First, conflicts between growth of production/consumption and available resources.

Second, conflicts between poor developing countries and rich industrialized developed countries.

Third, conflicts between nations and transnational elite.

Fourth, conflicts between “spiritless free market” with the power of money and “spiritually rooted” civilizations including Orthodox (Christians) , Muslims, Buddhists and others.

“The analysis of possible solutions of these imbalances and conflicts show that they are of antagonistic nature, and that the crisis cannot be solved without significant infringements of interests of some large geopolitical subjects. This means that participation of military forces is unavoidable. Considering the global nature of the crisis we may assume that military participation will be global as well,” said Sivkov in an interview with Russia’s Svobodnaya Pressa.

In his gloomy assessment, Sivkov forecasts that World War III will be of “coalitional nature”.Countries will form coalitions based on their loyalty to one of the two “models of world order”. The first model is “the world of civilized hierarchies” where a select few “brutally exploit the rest of humanity”. The second model defined by Sivkov is “civilized mutual support or civilized harmony”.

“In other words, the war will be waged to define the spiritual basis of the new world order. It will be either based on individualism, selfishness and suppression or based on community, domination of mutual interests to survive and develop and support each other,” says Sivkov.

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According to Sivkov, the two coalitions already exist. The first one is the alliance of industrially developed countries represented by Western civilization. The spiritual foundations of this coalition are based on individualism and material possessions generated by the power of money. This coalition military and political core is represented by NATO.

The second coalition involves countries of “Orthodox, Islamic and other civilizations based on the domination of spirituality on materiality”. This coalition is interested in a multipolar world order, but these countries have not realized yet that they have mutual geopolitical interests. Sivkov thinks that the “multipolar coalition” could have, ultimately, the upper hand.

“The countries that are not a part of Western civilization are not ready for military confrontation neither in terms of organization nor technical preparedness. On the other hand, this coalition has an overwhelming majority of people and control over ample natural resources and territories. This greatly increase their chances to win a long war,” says Sivkov.

Sivkov is convinced that WW III is already going on, but is so far at a “relatively peaceful stage” between the two coalitions. But Sivkov believes that “aggressors will not be stopped even with the possibility of death of hundreds of millions people”.

“History shows that the elite of ‘selfish’ civilizations do not get stopped by human sacrifices if there is a guarantee they, themselves, will survive in bunkers. The analysis shows that if a new world war is waged, it will touch the majority of the world population. Total demographic losses may exceed several hundred millions of people worldwide. Therefore, all honest people on Earth, including those who form the ‘selfish’ coalition, must do everything they can not to allow it to happen. To do this, we have to mitigate with the force of law and other methods, the greed of transnational and national tycoons of the financial sector. We have to stop their ambitious, greedy, shameless and sometime stupid politicians. This can only be done based on broad international collaboration efforts,” concludes Sivkov.

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4 Responses to Russian Geopolitical Analyst: “World War III Has Already Begun”

  1. Stephen Dufrechou March 28, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    While Sivkov does note and highlight serious conflicts and trends in current geopolitics–all of which (as Sivkov observes) could potentially rupture into catastrophic global violence, he does not–as far as I know–offer a framework for an alternative outcome.

    Sivkov does say, however, that:

    “We have to stop their ambitious, greedy, shameless and sometime stupid politicians. This can only be done based on broad international collaboration efforts.”

    But the question is how–and from what paradigm (or paradigms)–do we achieve this “effort”?… I’m not saying there is not a way to attain “broad international collaboration”. There is. There are several, in fact.

    Many academic intellectuals have offered non-utopian blueprints for such a way…. Siselia Bok’s book, “A Strategy for Peace: Human Values and the Threat of War”, is a notable source to begin with, in that regard.

    And I firmly would submit the idea that the introduction of psychology and psychoanalysis into the means toward such a “broad international collaboration” is an imperative, for multiple reasons, all tied to the fundamental nature of ideology–which serves to drive these conflicts. Disarm the fantasy of ideology, and the world can rationally disarm itself.

    There is a non-utopian way out of this doomsday scenario. The world community just needs to act accordingly to achieve it.

  2. steve jones March 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    The model he describes is further complicated because the divide presently exists within the USA itself. No other major western power has this red/blue tension so evenly divided. Most European powers detest or at least are indifferent to red values – they are varying shades of aggressive blues.

  3. Dan March 29, 2010 at 6:00 am

    ww3 in 2014? So if the world doesn’t end in 2012, it will in 2014?…. ug, i’m so confused – sometimes I wish I didn’t know how to read!

    • Bret Toevs April 2, 2010 at 9:14 am

      Ever heard of Tom Clancy’s EndWar? His book is based on the possibility on World War 3 being sparked over the last pockets of oil in the world with everyone on high tensions already with the United States falling apart from the cost of imported oil from Russia skyrocketing, the European Union changing to the European Federation, and Russia starts using the funding it recieves from being the last oil exporter in the world to build up it’s military.

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