Aid Workers To Israeli Navy Soldiers: Get Off Our Boat!

Video was released by Israel

How would you react if an armed stranger descended from a helicopter unto your property? Would you be waiting for him with a cup of tea, or would you grab a bat to fight him off?

According to a video released by Israel, aid workers attacked Israeli navy soldiers with clubs and batons as they intercepted an aid ship bound to Gaza from Turkey. The video shows how Israeli soldiers lowered themselves with ropes from helicopters unto the ships. As the soldiers land on the ships, the workers rushed to beat them with stick objects.

If you ask me, the Israeli soldiers had it coming since they were clearly invading the ship on international waters. Aid organizers claim that they were simply defending themselves from the Israeli soldiers as they boarded the ship.

What comes next is disturbing as Israeli soldiers open fire unto the unarmed aid workers with their machine guns from the hovering helicopters.

The BBC quoted a German aid worker on the ship:

“We wanted to transport aid to Gaza,” she said. “No-one had a weapon.”
She added: “We were aware that this would not be a simple cruise across the sea to deliver the goods to Gaza. But we did not count on this kind of brutality.”

The U.S. has been the only country in the world to withhold condemnation of yesterday’s acts by Israel. The White House and Israel have only offered words of “regret” over the incident.

Meanwhile angry demonstrators took the streets mostly in Europe to protest Israel’s cowardly act.

See the video for yourself


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