Cyber Terrorism Ring Revealed: A Case Study In The Depths Of Depravity

EDITORS FORWARD: Below is an extreme example of behavior on YouTube that goes well beyond cyber bullying, and could very easily more appropriately be labeled cyber terror.  Extreme taunting of an only child who lost his mother, rape victims, and suicidal teens has no place in the world in this editor’s opinion, and the anonymity of the internet is no excuse.  In a world where people refuse to speak out against such depravity (regardless of political ideology), it is allowed to flourish, and has very real-world consequences.

Watch the video below, it is an eye opener.

R.J. Carter (aka CaptCarrot) and an Organized Cyber-Terrorist Ring Exposed

It should come as no huge surprise, when someone who you have seen around online, making rude (and some outright bizarre comments here and there across several online services, including Digg, YouTube, Blogger and so on), does something unsavory enough to merit that something showing up in the mainstream blogosphere, or possibly even come across it on the news wires. Perhaps something about them revealing something distasteful they have taken part in that goes beyond what even you thought they were capable of. However, you generally do not expect the something that comes up, to be that the person has just been exposed as being a front man for an organized cyber-terrorist/harassment group of the worst kind; a group known as The Yahweh Clan.

When I say “cyber-harassment”, I am not talking about your average trolls. I am talking about serious, mentally deranged, stomach-wrenching, harassment. Numerous people attacked relentlessly for years, especially people who are the most vulnerable in nature, including children that are targeted in twisted schemes to intimidate them directly into doing what is demanded of them, use them as tools to attack others. Suicidal teens who are swarmed upon, as these people work hard to attempt to get the teen to “go through with it”, then checking obituaries as a measure of their success at their endeavor. All done by a gang of people, adult people that we see at the grocery store, playing with their kids, or perhaps even a co-worker. People who get away with what they do because they are cloaked in anonymity. This was the case here, until now.

The video below was released by a group of volunteers who have been addressing this issue for years, beginning on the YouTube Service.

Spotlighted in the video, is someone who may be a familiar face to those on Digg and YouTube, who has used the aliases CaptCarrot, TheRJCarter, and R.J. Carter.

Law enforcement has been for the most part, unable, or unwilling, to do much about this serious and growing matter affecting online communities. As part of that collective community, we need to step up and speak out —political differences aside, when we see something very, very wrong. We also need to urge police and law enforcement to take these groups, and this activity, more seriously, and take action against these people who are part of a group which partakes in this level of abuse.

It’s true when they say, it’s never as bad as it seems.

—It’s worse.


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