Cyber Terrorism Ring Revealed – Part 2: Our Response to Intimidation Attempts

By Sam Pennington

The article previously published here seems to have caused certain individuals (previously exposed in the Digg Patriots article here) – especially one in particular – to unsurprisingly decide to once again to try to do exactly what has been done before as part of DiggPatriots, and attempt to censor and “force” removal of anything that reveals their participation in malicious activity. Instead of confronting or replying to the issues, R.J. Carter (formerly CaptCarrot on, decided to resort to making demands, that I assume were supposed to be intimidating. They weren’t. If he believes the truth to be defamatory, its defamation by his own doing.

This included claims that the original article was written by an anonymous guest contributor, and not a real person, using their “real name”. Let’s put that to rest first off – my pen name is Sam Pennington. That puts me and anything I write on the same anonymity level as anything written by R.J. Carter.

Now that formalities are out of the way…

In addition to demanding that this publisher remove the previous article, “RJ Carter” absurdly also demanded that this publication make YouTube remove a video about him (we couldn’t make this up) which is embedded in the article, that backs up the claims made in the article with evidence. The video was posted to YouTube by YTV (Youtube Vigilantes/Volunteers), a group of volunteers who work in conjunction with law enforcement and various other agencies that deal with online harassment and abuse, and which was founded by a handful of teachers, people with former police and computer experience, a social worker, a med student, and others who got fed up with the unchecked bullying and harassment occurring on the YouTube service and elsewhere.

Despite the clear (and directly unchallenged) evidence of his actions presented in the video, he still manages to convince his posse of loyalty-blinded followers and supporters that its all a fix on him, by “the pedophiles” that he is “going after”.

Ah yes – “the pedophiles”.

You see, he has the audacity to present himself as being a child advocate, claiming that he was going after “pedophiles”, and he was trying to “protect children online“. Really? Why would a child advocate be a participant in a well-documented cyber-terrorist group calling themselves the Yahweh Clan?

A group that mocks the rape and sexual abuse of children, (VIDEO at 3:24), torments women, harasses rape and abuse victims for “fun”, digging for their victims’ personal information (“dox”), home addresses and medical records solely to use to further post and torment their victims with, taunts handicapped people, and grooms mentally disabled persons, including kids, to coerce them to do things for them on video, like speak out against one of their targets, possibly even (big surprise) helping to falsely call them a pedophile, (their favorite tactic), or perhaps participate in more detailed and proactive schemes to frame someone as “being a pedophile” (VIDEO at 1:48). The goal of this group is nothing more than to “ruin” people who they decide they want to “ruin”, by whatever means it takes. A group that hides under anonymous identities, and pretends to be upstanding citizens of the “internets”, who “fight pedophiles”, and also like to pose as parents who have “serious concerns”.

A group which literally makes serious attempts to get people to kill themselves, checking obituaries to see how successful they were. A group who has user names that mock a children’s video collaboration group on Youtube (the same one RJ Carter spotlights in his “article” (VIDEO at 11:12), the same group that is run by the boy he directly addresses in his video here (VIDEO at 10:28), an obvious attempt to intimidate the boy) – user names such as KidFuckersUnited, Boyfuckersunited, BoyTouchersUnited, OneHardCock, BucketsOfAIDS, Jizzcock, niggersparade, rapist187, RapedWithDog, JessesDadsDead (the account used to torment the same boy, by depicting his father and family as being killed). (VIDEO at 8:22)

This is the group which R.J. Carter knowingly and willingly joined and became an active part of.

This is the group that he now seriously seems to be attempting to claim is about child advocacy, and out to “bust pedophiles“?
Really? The same group who photoshopped penises on the faces of a kidnapped little girl to post on Encyclopedia Dramatica and call it “humor”? The same group who is part of a site which finds child rape humorous and exploits it? (VIDEO at 2:45 and 3:24). The same group who makes videos and creates images mocking children who have committed suicide? (VIDEO at 3:36) (Many, due in part to cyberbullying, which seems to give them an even bigger thrill).

Either R.J. Carter must think everyone is a fool and will blindly accept what he says without looking into things, or he is the fool himself.

This is exactly what this group is and does, and anyone can check into this very easily. This is the group RJ Carter became part of, and fully participated in. R.J. Carter has even created his own channels on YouTube explicitly for the purpose of launching harassment surrounding this children’s group and those who support it. (One such channel, is still active as of this writing). Another YouTube channel of his own creation is TheLordJehovah, which was used by him personally to help the rest of Yahweh Clan torment someone whose mother had just died, and mock kids. Is R.J. going to claim it’s not him in these videos? Or that he wasn’t an active member of the Yahweh Clan? Is this part of his “child advocacy” venture?

He claims that he is legitimate because he “reported things to police“. If that were so, depending what these things were, and going by the things we have seen him claim he has “reported to police”, I would count that more along the lines of potentially filing false reports to law enforcement, which is usually a criminal action itself. Ironically, however, there is no indication that RJ Carter has filed anything with law enforcement himself whatsoever, (perhaps because even he realizes that the absurd rantings he posts are unfounded, untrue, or at minimum, deceptive in nature?). In truth, he merely parroted what his friend Troy Riser had sent out (who apparently was finally contacted by police – with a warning to cease his ongoing harassment of people).

“…would someone who is not legit report things to police?”

The mere fact that R.J. Carter has been publicly bragging about this “reporting to police” business is revealing in itself. I’ve reported things to police. I’m sure lots reading this have as well. I don’t remember going around bragging that I did so, much less about the details of what I reported, parading it around for all to see. Would that not be counter-productive, if I thought there was actually something illegal going on that I wanted police to investigate? The “this is what I reported to police” declarations serve no purpose other than to toot his own horn.

Again most of this is covered in detail in the video posted in the original article here, along with verbose text and visual proof to back up each statement made. If R.J. Carter finds something incorrect, or defamatory in the video or accompanying editorial, we invite him to let everyone know what he feels this to be, and to go ahead and try to refute it to his heart’s content. But alas, the only response from him is the closing of all of his main accounts on Digg, Twitter, and YouTube, (although surely he still is lurking), and launching laughable attempts at intimidation, (familiar tactic, there), demanding things be removed that expose his actions.

“It’s only a threat if you do it to me!”

When RJ Carter originally published his “Pedophile Playground” article to his friend’s website, containing untrue statements about a kids’ group and those supporting it, (VIDEO at 11:10), a cease and desist order was sent to the person publicly listed as the proper recipient of such corespondence. Interesting to note that when others he was harassing sent a cease and desist order to him, he and Troy Riser went around declaring this as a “personal threat”, and even went so far as to claim it threatened the wife of the man who owns the site. Why? Simply because the letter was sent to the proper email address listed as the abuse contact for that website, which apparently was the owner’s wife. These spinning and diversion tactics are used every time any light is shed on anything he or his associates do.

“Failure to obtain confirmation of the information”

As for the statements made being unconfirmed? They are confirmed. (And then some). I implore anyone questioning this to watch the video and peruse and fact-check for themselves the information he apparently was so desperate to have removed. (And if I were R.J. Carter, I would be embarrassed to brag about attempts to do so).

It seems that the mindset of a Digg Patriot – to censor things which make them look bad, (or go against what they desire to be seen as truth) to ensure people do not see them, and selectively promote that which agrees with their own philosophies and agendas – does not stop with politics.


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