Digg Patriots Censorship Part 2: The Evidence

Two months ago, an ultra-conservative group called the Digg Patriots were caught red handed in a massive scheme to censor the world’s largest social media website: Digg.com.  This article details their activities, conduct, and membership, and provides exhaustive evidence proving the original charges.  56k alert.

A group of influential conservative members of the behemoth social media site Digg.com have just been caught red-handed in a widespread campaign of censorship, having multiple accounts, upvote padding, and deliberately trying to ban progressives.

In the articles The Rigging of Digg: How A Covert Mob of Conservatives Hijacked the Webs Most Popular Social News Site and Massive Censorship of Digg Uncovered the Digg Patriots ring was exposed. The latter gathered over half a million hits on the web and became the top story on Digg for the last year. There were numerous follow up articles. The story was picked up by ABC News, SFGate, TheGuardianMashable, CNET, Computer World, PC Magazine, Digital Trends, ScienceBlogs, Media Matters, Read Write Web, TheAtlantic, The Huffington Post, TheYoungTurks, and a highly entertaining piece by JoePorter.

Despite the overwhelming response on the web and Digg itself, no action has been taken by the Digg staff to stop elements of this systematic rule breaking or punish those responsible.  The Digg Patriots group has continued virtually unabated with various Terms Of Use violations in a much more guarded, covert manner up until the point where Digg converted to version 4. Yet inversely, since they have not faced justice, they have come out of the closet in other ways, opening a link sharing page on Facebook and a Twitter account.  To make matters worse, the new CEO of Digg.com, Matt Williams just announced that Digg will be bringing back the bury button, which unless heavily modified to incorporate human moderation will allow the Digg Patriots to once again censor progressive content on the site.  News Junkie Post emailed Mr. Williams to comment on this, but as of publishing time there has been no reply.

Further, as predicted, without strong action, this is spawning more bury brigade attempts, including one on Twitter that directly targets the Digg Patriot members themselves, although this could easily be one of them attempting to engineer counter evidence that supports their assertion that ‘the other side’ cheats as well. Various comment boards, discussion threads, and websites have also been subjected to an upsurge in racist/sexist/homophobic comments from usernames resembling their opponents in what could possibly be a new front in a campaign to discredit their critics.

A few DP members have deleted their own accounts and other sleeper accounts our investigation team did not know about became active. Once exposed, the Digg Patriots immediately deleted their Yahoo Group, began to reorganize on a new forum, and with a few exceptions began to deny involvement or attack this writer’s credibility. Other websites were also scrubbed in their effort to erase their involvement. Many of the most active DP members started hiding behind the members of their group that were less or not active, while not taking responsibility for what they have done.

Response To Investigation Criticisms

There have been numerous admissions of guilt on Digg comments by various members, as well as a few articles that admit the group’s existence but attempt to defend their position, fueling some public criticism of the original articles that claim a lack of evidence. Our investigation team decided early on that we should not release the full archive on Wikileaks due to the presence of personal information on DP members, and they have manipulated this decision to attempt to claim that this is manufactured. The Digg Patriots have been asked numerous times on public forums to agree to sign a release of all mass communications archived from the Yahoo group if they would like to clear their name, but only a couple have agreed, forcing elements in our investigation team to take a much longer approach of redacting personal information manually.  That archive is now available at NoTruePatriot.org.

Another angle they and others have taken is to attempt to justify their behavior by saying that conservative articles rarely get much traction on Digg. This of course should come as no surprise however when one considers that the user base is very heavily center-left, contrasted with Yahoo Buzz which trends center-right. There are conservative articles that reach the front page daily, particularly from center-right folks like Blinker (a man that is ironically a target of occasional DP bury calls). Glenn Beck propaganda stories do not front page, but neither do Communist Party of America articles. Regardless, would the left-leaning nature of Digg justify cheating, lying, censorship, or a systematic violation of the rules of conduct?

There has been some criticism in regards to the legal nature of this investigation. The Digg Patriots Yahoo Group forum posts are not private emails. These communications were forwarded from one or more members of the Digg Patriots own notifications of posts to the Yahoo Group, and are not private emails in any way, shape, or form. Anything posted to the Digg Patriots Yahoo Group forum was knowingly distributed to all of it’s members, the majority of which were admitted as being not known personally by the other members. There are no legal barriers to these posts being shared whatsoever, and part of the investigation team has taken over 2 months to carefully consider where to draw moral boundaries in releasing further information in any large amount, including redacting email addresses, and personal and non-relevant private information.

Another critique has revolved around the extent to the censorship employed by the Digg Patriots. The front page was never controlled by this group, nor were they able to shut down politically progressive articles from reaching it, nor was that claim ever made. They were however able to stifle traction to many of the strongest progressive and Democratic stories submitted to Digg and virtually shut down web traffic from Digg.com to some targeted sites with their organized buries. The same can be said of targeted users; the Digg Patriots’ buries of articles and comments had an effect on 341 Digg users over the last few months, although the strongest direct censorship was only prevalent for a couple dozen of them.  DP would track the submits of their targets of choice on trak.ly, and often achieved a blackout rate exceeding 90%.  Most users on the list were only hit once or twice, so it was not a discernible effect.


As stated in the initial articles, not all members are guilty of censorship, having sleeper accounts, using IP tricks to return from lifetime bans, stalking, being generally abusive towards political opponents, or other violations of the Digg Terms of Service. For instance, one member of the Digg Patriots was Alanocu, and while there have been unconfirmed allegations of vote padding on Propeller, he was not a part of organized burying on Digg. Despite being a member of the Digg Patriots since July 2009 and certainly on the extreme far right, checking the history of stories Dugg up by him verified that he actually supported DP targets, an issue that made some other DP members suspicious:

SadLisa (mollydog) – fyi. i hope alan[ocu] is as good a digger for dp’s as he is for [redacted progressive digg user].  he got 7 of 8 within 24 hrs for her….this “dugg” list also includes subs from newsjunkie, progessivenation, and of course the huff post… i personally don’t give a rat’s tail who does what, with whom, whenever, within this group or outside it…but, we should know who we’ve shared our personal information with and who they’re interacting with.

Digg Patriot Site Admins

In fact, there is a wide degree of variation among their membership in terms of conduct and participation. They can be grouped into 4 general categories: the worst offenders (21 members), mid-level offenders (18), not offenders or minor infractions (33), and unknown (18), although these are loose groupings that depend on how one determines the level of their involvement and activities.  Make your own call from the evidence below or from the NoTruePatriots.org archive.

The Worst Offenders
The first section (expanded in much greater detail with screenshots below) lists the worst offenders in the Digg Patriots ring. These are the most active members who are guilty of the vast majority of violations. Although their conduct varied by user, this group is primarily responsible for the censorship of certain progressive websites, having duplicate accounts, finding ways to circumvent lifetime bans, trying to ban opponents by mass reporting comments, and behavior meant to abuse, harass, threaten, or intimidate other Digg users. These actions violate a number of the Digg Terms of Service.

allisonrose870, asami21, BalancingAct, Benthedog, bettverboten, bossm4n, CaptCarrot, ChronicColonic, diggforwhatever, emersonbiggins, Janinco, JasonQPublic, JeremiahLaments, LandThatILove, le0pardess, libertyalways, PhoenixTx, minarchian, raggsat98, Ramfire98, SadLisa

Mid-Level Offenders
The second section are the semi-active members who sometimes participate in some type of Terms of Service violations on the now removed Digg Patriots Yahoo Group or on other websites, although their involvement is limited. Many of these people are writers for the Examiner who often just look for the group to collectively vote pad their articles, possibly for financial gain which violates article 5.9 of the Digg TOS:

Digg Terms of Service 5.9: By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree not to use the Services with the intention of artificially inflating or altering the ‘digg count’, comments, or any other Digg service, including by way of creating separate user accounts for the purpose of artificially altering Digg’s services; giving or receiving money or other remuneration in exchange for votes; or participating in any other organized effort that in any way artificially alters the results of Digg’s services

4verageJo3, EMFK, frofisrael, jjvors, lilamae, LouisCipher777, pray4sneaux, punx, quirkopatra, Raycheetah, schwartzloenard, SethStuck, spindig, Temlakos, ThePartyStar, thoughtsonthis, Welshman007, zacharytelschow

Not Offenders or Minor Infractions
The third section are the members of the Digg Patriots who rarely if ever posted. It is impossible to note who was participating in the deliberate burying of politically progressive content if the Digg Patriot members did not comment or openly admit to it when they did because that information is hidden on Digg.com. As thus, those listed on this third category may not be guilty of the censorship and other rules violations.  As already noted, one or more DP members were so disgusted by the tactics employed by the worst Digg Patriot members, that they became sources of intel for a segment of our investigation team.

Many members are completely inactive on Digg, and some are likely innocent of violating the rules. At the very least, they were members of the Digg Patriots and most likely knew what the group was all about. The fact that there is not one communication where anyone attempted to discourage or stop the systematic violations of the rules indicates that they could be legally considered to be part of the larger conspiracy (as defined by well established judicial terms).

Alanocu, atomheartmother, ClydePRM2, cajungal, clickfire, conservativepie, DCconservative, dgpj, Gandalff, gbudavid, heythere1857, HoustonHusker, HOWDOYOUKNOW ,jackalgunner, johnny2k, KCLorelei39, Kraviwannabe, LoneStarLizard, maggiesnotebook, MattRoss1968, mikeinto, novaculus, PatriotRoom, pharoah247, pookydirt, robertsdig, spiegelscott, starcmc, Striker101, sultanknish, tasine, texasknight, whatbubbaknows

The last group are Digg Patriots members who for the most part we have not been able track down current Digg profiles for, although many have been previously been banned. Many have profiles using their former Digg names and are active on other social networks. Most but not all are inactive on the DP boards. They are listed below using their Digg Patriot user ID.  Note that some Digg Patriot members are not listed in this article for various reasons.

Artd101, colossians1t, d_mcpp, diggrbiii, fmendes_fern, fthhplv777, goldengracie2, jencMN, missiesteinpie, navgator7, peps1nightfire, reckoner_86, scootergal.itty, simpsonbartholomew, susan_rakes, uppercrusteater, woof_this, Xm29_29

Since being exposed last month, the Digg Patriots have split into different groups.  Most have disassociated themselves completely, while many of the worst offenders have taken refuge in a Skype chat room, and another cell has gathered on the new Digg Patriots website.


The Digg “Patriots” main target was the social media website Digg, which consumed an estimated 90% of their posts. However, they were active on other networks as well.

I got fed up on digg this summer and went to Propeller for a while but they banned me so I came back to digg.

In the early days before their Digg censorship was very effective, a lot of the Digg Patriots migrated over to the much smaller AOL run Propeller where they could have a far greater impact. They continued to have a large presence on Propeller, and some were occasionally engaging in many of the same type of activities that they are on Digg such as getting lifetime bans then returning with IP tricks, forcing extreme right articles to the front page, trying to harass and terrorize political opponents, and censoring progressive content. In the very telling words of a former Propeller employee:

Bettverboten, you can’t deny what you did. Your old account was Lizbett before digg BANNED You…Your twitter account proved that much for anyone looking into it. Hell just look at your handles, from “LizBETT” to “BETTverboten” it was pretty obvious.

2nd.. you got banned at propeller.com along with your cronies in 2009 for gaming that site the same way you got caught doing it at digg now. I know this because i worked at the site, and am the one who caught you…

What you did is the equivalent of vote rigging, and suppressing others freedom of speech. YOU are literally everything you keep saying is wrong with politics and this country.. And no amount of spin you put on this is going to make you look like any less of a total partisan hack intent on gaming the system to suit your narrow close minded view.

Please do keep trying though. As there is nothing funnier than watching you try and talk your way out of this. Like watching a kid who got caught with hand in cookie jar.

A selection of some DP members on Propeller: 4verageJo3, allisonrose870, chroniccolonic, clickfire, btatman22, emfk, gandalff, gbudavid, rightwingattila (jeremiahLaments), johnny2k, Fillifan(lilamae), PhoenixTx, energizersnobabe (prays4sneaux), punx, raggsat98, Striker101, tasine, temlakos, Thoughtsonthis, diggrbiii.  Along with OldDogg, this was a new focal point for the Digg Patriots until Propeller went permanently inactive on Friday, Oct. 1st, a fact which many Digg Patriots publicly expressed their happiness about, in addition to stating their desire for Digg to die.

Some members are on YouTube, which is perhaps where the most despicable behavior of one of their members took place. R.J. Carter (formerly CaptCarrot on Digg) and the Yahweh Clan have been stalking, harassing, and terrorizing numerous innocent individuals (attempting to spread rumors they are tied to pedophiles is a favorite), tormenting vulnerable individuals such as the mentally challenged, handicapped persons, victims of abuse or rape, suicidal teens, harassing a kids’ group, and others for a long time. At the same time trying to claim they are “going after pedophiles”, they seem to enjoy using images and icons depicting child abuse or murder, hosting a majority of their attacks on the site Encyclopedia Dramatica, including images of kids depicted as being raped and sexually abused. They consider this satire, a form of – “humor”, that they call “Lulz”. News Junkie Post reported on this extreme behavior.  An excerpt:

When I say “cyber-harassment”, I am not talking about your average trolls. I am talking about serious, mentally deranged, stomach-wrenching, harassment. Numerous people attacked relentlessly for years, especially people who are the most vulnerable in nature, including children that are targeted in twisted schemes to intimidate them directly into doing what is demanded of them, use them as tools to attack others. Suicidal teens who are swarmed upon, as these people work hard to attempt to get the teen to “go through with it”, then checking obituaries as a measure of their success at their endeavor.

Although other DP members have not been connected to or knowledgeable of CaptCarrot/RJ Carter’s involvement in The Yahweh Clan, they have been oddly defensive of him.  Many have either denied the fact that he was involved with it (despite showing R.J. Carter himself on video and in comments proving he most definitely is an active participant), or claiming he was actually trying to “go after pedophiles”, despite behavior that is the polar opposite of any sort of child advocacy.

Although there were one or more Digg Patriot members that were already disgusted by the actions of the dominant voices in the group, it was this sick behavior on YouTube that led to them releasing their group communications so something could be done about it.

Some other YouTube DP members include: allisonrose870TheRJCarter, ChronicColonic, heythere1857, therealjohnny2k, Fillifan(lilamae), vrayz, pookydirt, TheLiberalHeretic, Ron01104 (raggsat98), jsmcneal (ramfire98), Raycheetah, FreeAmerican100 (robertsdig), ConservativeBrawler, welshman0071, goldengracie2, peps1nightfire

Many of the DP also utilize Twitter. This is much better as an information sharing service with little chance for manipulation, although they set up sock puppet accounts to monitor the communications of the strongest progressive Diggers (duplicate accounts are not against Twitter rules). They often use the standard conservative hashtags such as #tcot #sgp #hhrs #teaparty and #ocra, and have added a couple of their own: #diggpatriots, #diggpat, and #diggcons.

Besides their new Digg Patriots group account at @thediggpatriots, a few of them can be found at: @allisonrose870 @bettverboten @bossm4n @therjcarter (captcarrot) @ChronicColonic @clickfire @rjwusa @jenalp (frofisrael) @howdoyouknow @Janinco @JasonQPublic @jsmcneal @rightwingattila (JeremiahLaments) @johnny2k @Kraviwannabe @1badk1tty (le0pardess) @45superman (also uses @libertysarsenal) @Fillifan (lilamae) @lonestarlizard @Minarchian @billdupray @TexConservative @pray4sneaux @KerrieHeretic (punx) @MassRon (raggsat98) @RoboeAmerican (robertsdig) @newsguy2005 (schwartzloenard) @Con_Brawler @Temlakos @thoughtsonthis @welshman007 @diggrbiii @Navgator7

The core members of the Digg Patriots group are for the most part linked up on Facebook, with a few getting the ban hammer there for rules violations. They also have a smaller presence on StumbleUpon, Mixx, Amplify, Delicious, Flickr, and Technorati. These places were rarely brought up and were not a priority. At least 10 Digg Patriots members are active on the FreeRepublic, although that is quite an ultra-conservative haven the way it is, and have been quite open about cheating (they call it Freeping), so this could be where they got many of their ideas. One of their members, Anthony Martin (Welshman007) who is the National Conservative Examiner blogger has even been banned from from TheFreeRepublic.

DP members on Reddit: phoenixtx, bossm4n, EMFK, thoughtsonthis, BalancingAct, Benthedog, bossm4n, CaptCarrot, 4verageJo3, lilamae, LouisCipher777, punx, Raycheetah, zacharytelschow, alanocu, atomheartmother, clickfire, DCconservative, gbudavid, HOWDOYOUKNOW, johnny2k, LoneStarLizard, mikeinto, novaculus

Since the recently released of version 4.0, Digg.com appears to be flopping and even if it wasn’t, it has removed the bury button from articles to prevent censorship (return of the bury button pending), so many of the Digg Patriots have migrated to a replacement social media website started by Phil Mitchell (@Phil3ev on Twitter) called OldDogg. This site is an excellent design, roughly bases itself on Digg v3 with a few enhancements, and has attracted dozens of strong power users from the former Digg community.

Many Digg Patriot members have opened accounts there, some under their preferred and previously banned Digg usernames: mollydog (sadlisa), rightwingattila (JeremiahLaments), NewsGuy (schwartzloenard), roboeAmerican (robertsdig), bettverboten, ChronicColonic, Bossm4n, Allison Rose, quirky, Temlakos, 4verageJo3, Minarchian, LandthatiLove, Ramfire98, and a few with new handles to disguise their true identities like 12th man and Kevin Rose.  Like Propeller, this much smaller community is currently easily gameable by the Digg Patriots, who have coalesced in the TOCB (Take Our Country Back) group.  The Digg Patriots are pushing material to the front page on OldDogg, have opened up fake accounts under the names of their opponents, and have unfortunately virtually taken over the site.


List of Bury Calls for a One Month span

The Worst Offenders

[use the] search site feature, I bury all the subs less than 2 days [old] in matter of seconds. I think we’d be even more effective if we all did this to some degree with consistency or at least with certain sources/sites. From there it’s like shooting ducks…

abandon EB’s ship, set up a new account and do very little with it except digg here and there. this way you’ll have an older join date before you start amassing the usual suspects for friends and laying down the gauntlet.

I must confess that I was hit n miss when it came to bury requests. I didn’t think it was as important as digging and commenting. but after seeing [redacted]’s disclaimer and the snapshots of trak.ly with red buried circles next to all of his recent subs, I’m energized to bury. so from now on, I will jump on the bury requests better.

I personally vote for a complete blackout on lib subs: Bury every comment (including the conservatives “helping” to pop the story). No up-votes (no matter how much you agree).

Google up: How to change your MAC address on -insert your operating system-. This will give you a new IP as many times and as often as you like. Make sure you turn off your modem while doing so. Also, Most sites keep track of you by flash cookies. They don’t delete like regular ones…again Google for your browser.

When I’m bored, I bury everything off of [redacted]’s friend’s list

The trick is to conceal any hint of propaganda and political leaning, so when submitting political articles simply present the title and the description of the submission EXACTLY as it is in the article.

It’s a pity we can’t have a sticky thread(like they do in forums) so we could all pool together ideas and use it as a knowledge base reference. Anyone new to the group could be asked to read it and follow those rules (the ‘rules’ i’m referring to are such things like: never commenting in up and coming lefty subs, not digging down lefty comments until after about 20 hours or it reaches FP (Jan’s idea) so they think that it’s not been hit by us, etc)

Duplicate account as diggforwhatever
Former lifetime ban as LeConcierge

Whether I agree with [various redacted digg users] & a couple others I can’t think of right now, I bury `em anyway. *ACTUALLY* each of them has been “dead-on, balls-accurate” (an industry term) at least once in the past week or so, and it sort-of pains me to be dishonest by burying them anyway, but then I remember . . . I’m not up for re-election!

Digg Patriots Administrator
Formerly banned for life as Lizbett
Sleeper accounts loquaciouslola, Msboop

Standard invitation form:
Hi (digg name)
When shouts ended on digg we started an email group called DiggPatriots. We (a lot of conservatives & libertarians on digg) would like to know if you would like to join us. This is the link to our group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiggPatriots/ We share stories to digg & bury. We have discussions. We also have a private shout page I will share with you after you join DiggPatriots if you so choose. PhoenixTx (digg name) is the administrator of DiggPatriots and has to approve your application. When you apply please tell him your digg name and there will be no problems. We are all looking forward to you joining our group.

On a few of [redacted]’s comments lately he has said the only way he can beat the bury brigade
is to submit his stuff…late night. So if any of you late nighters can watch for his subs and notify us as soon as you see one. That would be great ! :^)

Bettverboten: Check back here you late nighters to see when and who subs this [article just published on a targeted website]. I am sure it is coming our way.
Phoenixtx: Good recon Liz! Thanks! Let’s keep our eyes open.
LibertyAlways: It’s up—bury! [link]
JeremiahLaments: Think we can bury it in record time? I think we CAN!
[10 minutes later] We did it! Buried it with only 5 diggs–might be a record!

Bettverboten – Bury Now Quick [link]
[later] This is buried. This guy is second (#2) on the Diggers 5000 list right
under [redacted] and we prevailed. Hooo—-Ray!
JasonQPublic – Great job, DP.
Pray4sneaux – Buried and commented on… had to.

Vacation is over…time to start aggravating the libs again hee hee

This has to be stopped and not go to FP. Please bury every way you can and contact anyone that you know can bury it please[link to The Wingnut Assault on Digg]
Janinco – BURIED!!!

Bettverboten – BURY!!!!! [Digger_Bury_Lists_White_Nationalists_Infiltrate_Digg]
LibertyAlways – It would be fun to prove her right, for once ;-).
phoenixtx – [redacted] is such a lying b!tch.
Raggsat98 – Apparently we are having an impact.
Bettverboten – I’d say you are correct raggs/ron. We are turning the corner and having an impact and Vern…. [redacted] IS a bitch, you got that one right on

bettverboten – [redacted]’s sub & More BURY.  Please don’t comment [3 links]
Raycheetah – Interesting. I think the Libs are trying to bait us into commenting, ’cause they’ve noticed we’re NOT taking the bait…I’m contented just to thumbs-down the little libtards
bettverboten – commenting…enhances “popularity” which is what dig is all about.  So the more we comment on their stuff the more Digg’s so-called algorithm (*ha-ha) kicks in and “POPs” their story.
bossm4n – If there are conflicting comments and lots of dig ups and buries of comments, that adds to the controversy of the submission which Digg also tracks, and may also affect how the story is promoted.
pray4sneaux – I don’t ever give a loony lib a second of my time anymore.  Trolls got my first FB cacti closed, because I commented there regularly, so they could track me and file false complaints against the TOCs.  Always better to bury or thumbs down anonymously.
BalancingAct – I’ve heard a rumor that it’s how many positive digs the comments get.
Janinico – I almost took the bait.  It took all the willpower I have to bury and thumbs down and walk away…I did yell at them tho!!!

I got fed up on digg this summer and went to Propeller for a while but they banned me so I came back to digg.

Digg Patriots Administrator

Bury and report this comment

Bury this as a dupe. Bury this as inaccurate


I almost always bury News[JunkiePost] as spam. Same goes for rawstory, thinkprogress, dailykos, mariopip[erni], freakoutnation, etc.

Bury, proof that nothing good happens at 3:00 am: popped in the middle of the night. Bury immediately if you haven’t already.

Bury Blinky and most of the comments

I’ve been wondering, if we have a submitter whose subs we typically bury and that person is submitting multiple stories at a time, let’s take [digg user] as an example. He subs about 8-10 per day. Typically, maybe one of those stories is something very liberal, the rest are just general news, comedy and such. Would it make sense to pick one of the least harmful subs and digg it in an attempt to get it to go popular, or at least not bury it? My thought is that if we get one of the wimpy subs to go popular, it’s less likely the political sub will pop, especially if we all bury it.

Hit this one fast and hard [link]. [digg user] was busy last night [link]. And as Asami posted earlier, this makes for an excellent source of buries [link]. Get busy.

Distrubing how many FP’s she’s getting all of a sudden. Actually, in addition to not commenting, I think we should completely refrain from digging or burying comments. It’s an indication that a negative presence is on that sub and just brings out the loons. I think burying comments might actually do more harm than good when trying to bury a story.

Watch out for this one [link]. Nevermind, we already put it in the grave.

There have been dozens of hit pieces on Brown submitted in the last few hours, but I picked the ones I thought had the best chance to go popular. [9 bury links]

I hope you all have a great, and a special thank you to all of you that supplied us with bury lists. I know it taks a lot of time, and all of us appreciate it very much!

CaptCarrot (aka Rjcarter)
Serious problems on YouTube

Baiting [digg user] [link]. Let’s see what happens.

…that Roland was surprised when Mark Williams wasn’t afraid to call a spade a spade.

CaptCarrot : We really, really, REALLY should start a Facebook group where we do nothing but leave false comments, then “accidentally” let her friends in so they could feel like Woodward and Bernstein.
Phoenixtx: what we should do is start a fake liberal public site where we all use their names to post digg and bury submissions. That would piss them off. LOL
CaptCarrot: If we did start a group, here’s what I’d like to see in it:
1) No mention of burying anything; instead, whine about our own submissions being buried.
2) Express fear that Digg will one day see that [redacted] is a genius, [redacted] is right, and [redacted] is a talented writer. We’re very worried that they will be the avant garde of the progressive movement. We can’t let the truth about Global Warming get any traction, and maybe even mention taking direction from our Big Oil overlords, or highly-placed friends at Fox News or the Heritage Foundation.
3) Post links to what we’ve submitted. (Hey, gotta be something in there legit to make it look legit, right?)
BalancingAct: Could even create usernames such as [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], etc.

My probably ban-worthy submission

It’s a Catch-22. I agree that not commenting on their articles and burying them early is the primary objective. But sometimes we can sacrifice that to actually draw attention to their articles, when their articles are whiny, thus exposing those articles to the Digg community at large which, as a whole, doesn’t take kindly to such attitudes. 🙂

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´CaptCarrot
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——–
Things I think are important enough that everyone should read them are reported here, unapologetically: http://therjcarter. wordpress. com/

ChronicColonic (IndividuallyWarped)
To all of our new group members: We are really happy you have joined us at DiggPatriots! Please remember this is a group that we are trying to keep below the radar. Please do not disclose this group’s existence to anyone outside the group on Digg or elsewhere. The longer we can keep this group on the down low, the better. I know you probably aready knew that, but I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page as far as the keeping this group from being exposed to the public.

I chalk it up to the AMA. The AMA stands for Algorithm My Ass – it can work in your favor, but mostly it works against conservative stories. Lately the AMA has been good to us.

You can create another account. Worse comes to worse, you can just lay low for a bit and then come back. We need as many conservative voices as we can get…we are heavily outnumbered as it is.

Previous banned for life as Rjwusa, MightRighty, EdHurl, BarrySchmelly, BurtToast, GangusGreen, esornivek, and many, many more (the most chronic violator)

I can give a crap if digg bans me again. I’m sick of little Kevin Rose and his bunch of Frisco malcontents

I have had back up accounts. When they ban one, the ban all using the IP. So, you must maintain the other from a different computer and keep the two accounts separate.

I propose that I create a blogger account. [Purpose being to] take a news story and to spin it in such a fashion that we editorialize the submission title and the byline (Description)… to get around the digg Terms of Usage agreement. Editorializing a submission is considered the ‘hijacking’ of a submission by digg. Doing so can (and has gotten me) get you banned.

Can we get [digg user] for a digg TOU violation?: The use of Teabaggers and NAMBLA should come under one or more of these definitions listed below from the digg Terms of Use: libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane. We need to make it a goal to get the dolt banned. We need to mine his stuff. I think if we look hard enough, we can get him banned. We should form a team to mine his submission and another to mine his comments for incriminating material.

I reported DDRSkata. I also told a fib and I stated I was African-American. [My] Report to Digg: “As a conservative African-American, I get deeply offended when someone refers to one of my conservative sisters and other conservative African-Americans as, ‘Beulahs and Uncle Toms’. Had I been white, and had used the terms, ‘Fag or Nigger’, I could expect to be banned from digg in a very swift fashion. I trust you will do right by the people of color who use digg.”

There’s no ‘algorithm’ at digg. The ‘algorithm’ most likely consists of a bunch of liberal, bi-sexual, emo-types, who drink mimosas all day, and engage in a circle-jerk by night. When they’re not doing that, they pull a few levers to get a banana payoff from a machine, which they call the digg ‘algorithm’.

Hey, I can’t post as a moderate or a liberal, I can’t stomach it… Secondly, I cannot masquerade as a black man, because I do not know the black experience. Regarding masquerading as a black man, I am also afraid that I may offend one of my favorite DP members who is Conservative, Christian and in a mixed race marriage. I probably have more of a hangup of passing myself off as a black digg member than that DP member does with me passing myself off as a black digg member… I am quietly abandoning the black part of my digg personna.

Digg Patriots Site Administrator

Plz bury We don’t need any more Man Child on the front page

Buried….Please, DP, don’t comment on their page. What a bunch of crybabies! The hypocrisy is laughable. Good find, Liz

Hey Patriot friends. Thanks for all the digg and bury lists…it really helps when time is short.

BURY VERY FAST more smear of Glenn Beck

I don’t know this digger, I just saw the article on twitter while I was looking for articles to bury

Great list Boss. The Left has also learned to sub late at night and try to FP before we can bury…so those of you in Eastern time might want to check upcoming early Mon morning and send a list. Leftist Digger [redacted] is one to watch. She subs outrageous stuff and a lot of it pops!

Former lifetime ban as scarlett0hara

[zacharytelschow], if they won’t reinstate your account, you really don’t have to leave digg unless you just want to. Just follow the steps outlined below.
1. Go to whatismyip.com/ and write down the IP address that is displayed at the top of the page.
2. Turn off your cable or DSL modem for approx. 5 minutes then turn it back on.
3. When you are connected to the internet again, make sure that the IP address displayed at the top of the page is different from the one that you wrote down in step 1. If it is not different, go back to step 2 and leave modem off for longer period of time.
4. Create a new email address at your favorite email site.
5. Go to Digg and create a new account using the new email address.

Digg Patriots Site Administrator
Former lifetime ban as RightWingAttila

If any of the usual suspects subbed a story claiming “sky blue/water wet,” I’d BURY IT without question. I’ve been on digg for almost 4 years…

I intended to use just that comment as I have gotten away with it several times in the past—just to piss off libs, of course. It’s amazing to me that Digg would allow that but come unglued over “niggardly.”

Bury to hell….

From the puffingtonhost. Definite bury!

Bury the article….and all of the liberal coments. Digg my coment up.

Hi everyone, Leopardess here, just want to let you know that someone leaked and/or found the Diggs&Buries blog and has posted it in a story that went popular a few hours ago http://digg.com/politics/President_Obama_has_not_held_a_press_conference_since_July?OTC-em-dpcm

Here is the comment from [redacted] and then the reply from [redacted] posting the blog: “You know, I don’t mind anti-Obama articles at all. But I’m seriously tired of these things making the front page when clearly there’s people that all conspire together to put this thing up here. Submit the article, and Digg it. I don’t need the first 40 comments being from the same fucking group. I suspect this might be the problem. http://diggsandburies.blogspot.com/”

Maybe it does or doesn’t matter but, there could be some hell from of those looney libs over it. Luckily there are times I will go back and read the comments from articles that went popular. I did not expect to find that at all! I usually don’t say a whole lot in here but, I definitely have everyone’s back!

Former lifetime bans as kurthoffman and 45superman

Just noticed that nicegeek got banned, too. I’ll take a 3 hour ban, in exchange for a ban (however short) of itofts and nicegeek.

Wow–just noticed: 988 Facebook “shares,” and only 29 diggs. When digg changes to the new format, which will supposedly be heavily integrated with Facebook, Anomaly might become much more formidable. Not a happy thought.

While we’re talking about these, bury and report this disgusting comment on J’s: [link] I would rape her. And bury [redacted]’s comment on Liz’s, and laugh at him: [link]. Buried as a dupe. Digg the original instead

Subject: [DiggPatriots] Question about the new Diggs and Buries site
LibertyAlways – I take it there’s no real reason to bury anything submitted there (I mean bury it there–not on Digg itself). Thus, when one of us submits a digglib story to be buried on Digg, we bury it there, but there’s no need to do so at our own site—right?
Bettverboten – I think you are correct. The things submitted there are for just burying on digg. I still like these emails a lot for communication with all you guys,but I think the other site would be easier for those who don’t care for these emails and just want to interact with digg buries, submits and sharing articles.

LibertyAlways – Help get an a-hole banned for comment spamming? [links]
RobertsDig – how? Still new with all this
bettverboten – report to contact digg
LibertyAlways – The easy way is to click on each link, bury the comment, and then find the “is [redacted] being offense? Report it” and click on the “Report it.” A little more work is to click on the digg” link, choose “Report abuse of Terms of Use violation,” and tell them what he’s doing.
JasonQPublic – Reported his stupid @ss. Over and over.
RobertsDig – OK, thanks.
Bossm4n – emailed Digg

Sleeper account as CongressCritter
Former lifetime bans as Brewskie and Phreedom

When I created a new account, Phreeedom, I changed my IP but they still banned me for having two account. It got me thinking…how’d they know? If you look when a page is loading it also goes to facebook.com I think they are in with FP to compare Ips. So, next time I get banned I’ll also log off FP and twitter first, with the original IP and then create new accounts there with a new IP, then create a new account at digg. Of course you’ll also have to delete all cookies and web bugs from the three sites too.

So, next time I get banned I’ll also log off [FaceBook] and twitter first, with the original IP and then create new accounts there with a new IP, then create a new account at digg. Of course you’ll also have to delete all cookies and web bugs from the three sites too.

On [a certain website] I think it’s best to bury as spam. If I remember correctly, if the digg algorithm gets too many spam buries on a site it will not let the site be posted and request the person trying to post it to notify digg why it should be reinstated.

Remember when I talked about having back up accounts in case you get banned? That way you can have older accounts you can rev up and not look like a noob. I have a few just waiting in the wings. Just be sure to first delete cookies, web-bugs and anything else digg can track, and does, you with…like logging out of twitter and facebook and deleting their cookies and stuff too. I think it’s a good idea.

Minarchian – User Mexidigger (YesLasagna aka Mexidigger aka LibertyThor aka AlvinGreen2010 aka Vengativo are no longer on Digg)…Did he get banned already?[link to digg user] Ooops! LOL
phoenixtx – ep, but he’s back again. This guy is a trip. LOL!….And was libertythor one of the good guys?
Minarchian – He’s libertythor? ??? He and I were always posting with each other! Tell him you know Brewskie J
phoenixtx – Here’s my first communition with Yeslasagna. He give a little history…

Digg Patriots Site Founder
Former lifetime ban as vrayz and others

I’m amazed at their lack of organization. If they had half a wit among them they could bury any and every submission we have but as in real life I guess, liberals just roll with the tide through Digg like they do in real life. They have no work ethic, no core values and no common sense beneath the paper thin liberal skin they cover themselves with.

You know everyone, there are so many liberals in digg and I can’t believe how inept they are…
we decimate them. I just realized that they are just horrible at tactics and strategy. We know what they try to do almost before they do it and then they’re surprised. I just wanted to say, This is FUN! We need to keep on coordinating with outside sources like Seth[struck] and Liberal Heretic and bring more into the loop.

The more liberal stories that were buried the better chance conservative stories have to get to the front page. I’ll continue to bury their submissions until they change their ways and become conservatives.

I’ve been permanently banned 4 or 5 times. You gotta make sure you got a month or so between [accounts]. …The libs make a big deal out of start dates on profiles after one of us returns from getting permanently banned. Maybe we should have 10 or 15 identities created so the next time one of us gets a permanent ban we could come back with an identity that was created weeks or months before. Kind of like Jeff came back as Benthedog and they had no clue.

Jim used to be Benthedog until he committed Digg suicide and got banned for life. He then became diggforwhatever because his Benthedog profile was banned. A few months later I noticed that Benthedog was back in my friends list again (I think someone at Digg accientally unbanned it.). I emailed Jim and asked him if they let him back. He said that he didn’t know Benthedog was back on Digg but since he was already diggforwhatever he gave me his password in case someone else needed down the line. When Jeff was banned and didn’t plan on creating another profile until he moved to Ohio I gave him the name and password so he could use it until then. Does that help?

There a few different roads to the same destination. I just love watching them cry when no one comments but I also laugh my ass off when you comment and make them cry. I don’t care as long as we can keep the majority of their submissions off of the front page and they keep crying like the emotional children they are.

[redacted] needs his fingers broke.

I’ve been keeping in touch with him [dilberto aka YesLasagne] at an arms length basis. He hasn’t written me a week or so but he just wrote me now. Whatcha think? “I have an interesting plan for screwing over the No-brigade guy. First we need to find a female conservative/libertarian who is very active on digg and comments a lot. We coordinate with her to be the knowing victim of sexual harassment. (Yeah, this is going to be a false flag trolling operation.) Meanwhile, I will create about 3 bogus no accounts that won’t bury anything but will pose as the guy that calls us all “son” and trolls our submissions. After about a few weeks all three no accounts will let loose with some heinous sexual innuendo. Several of us will then proceed to report all no accounts and accuse all of them of being the troll. After a while, many diggers will just blindly report any no account that posts. Remember that Herkimer, Onetimer, and JCM267 all got banned when they stirred up a shitstorm. Now we just have to foment one behind the scenes. Do you know of any willing falseflag female targets on Digg?”
*note, although some DP members were either not happy with a “false flag operation” or suspicious that Dilberto might be novenator in disguise, there was some horrific sexual harassment of the DP member ThePartyStar (formerly MyCarteBlanche) that followed this email exchange. Coincidence?

Digg Patriots Site Administrator

Burying that and all his junk he’s dugg http://digg.com/users/[redacted]

Buried, reported, and emailed Digg. I am getting sick of his shit.

Comment Bury and Report


Former lifetime bans as Mollydog12, GrantPeace, FoolsGoldParty, UrdhvaMukha

[about the abortion doctor assassin Scott Roeder] I’m fine with what he did. The man who shot Tiller has been convicted and will be punished according to the law. This is as it should be. He’ll always have my respect and gratitude. I’ll even go further. I celebrate that…Tiller was killed in front of his family in a church. Rarely is justice so perfect or so fair.

several times a day [redacted] turns quickly to look behind him and see if molly is following.

[thread titled Mollydog12 gets banned] got banned. don’t know why. have to wait and see. was it calling obama a ganstah or telling the mexicans to fuck themselves ? stay tuned…i’ll wait and see what digg says. haven’t decided which way i’ll go, kiss ass to get the acct back, create another identity, or just let it pass altogether.


Who went inactive here? I guess maybe we can take 2 lessons from this:
1) Don’t be too quick to open a second account if you think they might agree to unban the first one
2) If you do open a new account check your IP address and make sure it’s reset before you open a new one.

Digg Patriots Site Administrator

As for [janinco] and [chronicColonic], I can personally verify that they’ve done stuff behind the scenes to stop certain articles or non-friendly political articles from seeing the light of day at Digg. One such article was basically listing conservative kids to bash. This article would have made the front page of Digg with no problems. However, it was “buried” before it was submitted. They’re not going to tell you what they do, but I have no problems tooting their horns for them. And they stood up to an extremely left wing publication to get this done.

There are things that continue to go on behind the scenes that many in DiggPatriots don’t know about. Sometimes it is to help promote articles from lesser known conservatives on Digg. Jan, Ron, J, and bossm4n are always around to help those diggers. If they give advice, they’re giving it from experience and because they care.

[following bury order] buried.
[Bossman: Got one banned] Frofisrael – keep up the good work

wnd.com — Barack Obama revealed his goal for the Supreme Court when he complained on Chicago radio station WBEZ-FM in 2001 that the Earl Warren Court wasn’t “radical” enough because “it didn’t break free from the essential constraints placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution” in order to allow “redistribution of wealth.”

Thanks for tipping me off to this video, Digg Patriots!


progressives are a disease. He proves it better than anyone I have met to date.

When the revolution comes… every American who’s name appears on a builderberg guest list needs to find their heads on a pike on the mall.

louiscipher777 – Liberal Heritic Shout Site, I got a 404.  Is it down or is it gone?
LibertyAlways – Did you try to go to the old one?  The new one [link} works for me.
Bettverboten – new site I had a libtard follow me there (long story) so we had to change the URL
Benthedog – [new link]

In regards to the other scrubbed cheating forum hosted by punx

Former lifetime ban as energizersnobabe
Examiner blogger

Always better to bury or thumbs down anonymously.

Got Palin’s reload story buried, helped on all the others.

Geeze, I wish we’d say BURY on these… I wasn’t paying attention and dugg, ugh.

Can Patriots help out a sista out by putting “pls. digg” or “pls. bury” in the subject headings of emails, so I can find them quickly? I would be able to digg/bury more. I have more than 200 emails daily (no spam), and I’d pick yours out to do first. I’d save the commentary/discussion emails for later, when I’m not on deadline.

Thanks for putting it on coRank/PatNet.

Now that the Patriots Network is up, I can do more, and I have. It is a wonderful solution to the overwhelming amount of email this group produces. I was able to digg/bury all the articles very quickly and will continue to do so in the future. It is a bookmark on my toolbar, and I vow to visit it several times a day. Are everyone’s subs there yet? If not, pls. join!

*not very active on DP, but ran the now scrubbed liberalheretic diggs/buries shout board

*quit Digg Patriots over an internal squabble in July

Oh agreed. Instaban.

Former lifetime ban as Browncoat

Just looking for clarification: We don’t want to comment on Libtard Subs (no matter how tempting), because comments help stories to pop. What about Digging DOWN their comments on their own Subs? Is that also helpful to the Sub in question (because it’s activty), or not?

Interesting. I think the Libs are trying to bait us into commenting, ’cause they’ve noticed we’re NOT taking the bait: “Poor Palin defenders. They have to bury stories and comments in anonymity because they’re afraid to speak up for a quitting, money hungry, tea-bagging hypocrite. I guess I’d be ashamed too.” I’m contented just to thumbs-down the littlle Libtards, esepcially when their comments are egregiously immature and childish. =^[.]^=

I originally joined Digg as a Browncoat…I will happily Digg down comments from arrogant, snotty Libtards.

Former lifetime bans as newsguy2005, newsguy2009, ClydePRM
Possible Duplicate account as ClydePRM2 (unconfirmed)
Blogs at theRightPerspective.org

Please bury this Anti-Christ claptrap

bossm4n – Hey ClydePRM…I tried to follow you on Twitter and it says account suspended. The libs messing with you on Twitter or what?
Schwartz – you should try following newsguy2005

bettverboten – Do you think it is a coincidence that I report all of [redacted]’s comments today, and then my top person @ digg friend stats is taken out…banned.  Does anyone know who got banned?  Inactive [link] has dugg 12 of your submissions.
Bossm4n – last time I checked, nothing had happened to [redacted].  Gotta be a coincidence that one of your friends got banned.  Head count.  Is everyone here?
JasonQPublic – Whoever they are, they were my top digger also.
Bossm4n – Was it Newsguy?  I can’t figure it out.
JasonQPublic – What is his digg name?
ChronicColonic – Was Newsguy (CydePRM).
JeremiahLaments – Just checked, not me: JeremiahLaments, aka rightwingattila.  I am SURPRISED!  Become used to being banned…
BalancingAct – That means more than 1 person is inactive.  Obviously they can’t have dugg 12 of your last 10 submissions.
Allisonrose870 – could be rbiii, but he may have benned weeks ago,,, can’t recal right now.  Could it be rbiii?  Stumbled across this link while trying to figure it out [link to backtype.com]
EMFK – I believe when you’re checking Friendstatistics it isn’t one inactive mutual per se.  It is just items dugg by those that they are currently inactive.  The glitch didn’t get fixed.  🙁
bettverboten – Glad it is no one on DP…allison that is a really cool site to see who is talkinga bout you.

You want to shut down [digg user]? I’ve been studying him for a while now, and he’s pretty formulaic. I have strong reason to believe that for every story we post, he goes to this index, see’s what line he’s supposed to tow, and then spams links conducive with that line in response to us. My idea is this: Let’s work up a pretty comprehensive reply to each of these replies. That way, when he replies, we can hit him back with a pre-prepared response.

Sethstruck – Was wondering if you’d be interested in doing bury lists for Diggs&Buries. Let me know, we can talk more about details…
Bossm4n – Seth[struck], I’m not sure the best way to handle this because several of us post bury lists here. I go through and create those lists when I have the extra time to do so. I have the feeling that others do the same. I don’t know how a bury list would be perceived if it’s out for the public to view, or if that is even a concern. We catch a lot of stories that need burying throughout the day.
CaptCarrot – As soon as you start putting bury lists on D&B, you will undoubtedly incur the wrath of Digg.
LibertyAlways – Come to think of it, if one of us did set up a public bury list, in addition to risking incurring the wrath of Digg, it would be a liberal digg list. In fact, if Digg’s wrath was the only concern, that would be the way around it–present it as a lib Digg list, but use it as a conservative bury list.
Bettverboten – Yes that is a good idea to present it as a “Lib Digg list” not a “Con bury list”
Mollydog12 – throw away any reference to “bury”, including in the title of the site. it’s a loaded term. the list could be called “digg’s worst”, “oh no they didn’t”, “you don’t say” or something of the like. make clear in a disclaimer that these subs are “actually inaccurate stories and/or misleading titles.”

[redacted] has dugg 5 of my subs. Hmmm. I must be doing something wrong. 🙂

Pushes his Examiner and Creationist Examiner blogging through DP, and is a conservapedia admin who goes by the name TerryH

Care-ful!! Let JournoList be a lesson to us all; never say anything on the Internet discussion list that would not embarrass you if someone leaked it.

[redacted]!!! haha i still remembered your first name… my 2nd account was MyCarteBlanche. You may recall that one. How have you been?? You were always one of the first to digg up my comments back then…my goodness i started on digg in 2008 and got the final boot over the summer. seems so long ago. I never forgot any of you guys and im happy to be back!

you guys what the hell is up with this anomaly100 thread? Back when i was Libertycheeks/MyCarteBlanche she was just some loud liberal moron who we buried and dugg down….when did this all get so heated ???

AAAH this yahoo groups thang is soooo confusing and new!! Im feeling old suddenly! ok i hope you get this reply lol

Buried! I feel sorry for these people, because they don’t know a thing about Sarah Palin, except for what they hear at MSNBC, CNN, etc. How do they live with themselves.

Regularly pushes his National Examiner blogging through DP
*no admissions of burying or duplicate accounts

My reply: “Either he’s a fag for doing what you also do, which would make you a fag as well, or he’s a fag because he’s doing something you were doing first, which would unfortunately also make you a fag because I’m sure you weren’t the first one to high five people hailing cabs while on a bike. Kind of a lose-lose for you, eh?”

Digg Patriots Members List Screenshots

Digg Patriots Membship Screenshot, page one


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